Pittsburgh Replacement Window Styles

Home windows can be personalized in many ways, from the window type and style to the window grille patterns. If you are working with our Pittsburgh window company, feel free to really explore and have fun playing with the many design choices available for your windows.

Window grille patterns, in particular, provide a way for homeowners to decorate their windows without interfering with the view from inside. These days, modern windows don't require grilles. They are a decorative element and holdover from the early colonial days when window glass used to be shipped overseas to North America.

Large window panes were more likely to break in transit, so manufacturers shipped small panes of glass instead. Carpenters later connected those panes together into larger windows using wood braces called "window grilles." Early window grille patterns were very practical, but evolved into more artistic designs over time.

Types of Grille Patterns Available for Pittsburgh Window Installation

Once you start looking into the options for window installation, you'll see that there are almost too many window grille patterns to choose from for your home. Builders got very creative with window grilles, to the point of coming up with a unique grille pattern for almost every home style of a certain era. 

If you are looking into adding grille patterns, ask your window contractors in Pittsburgh about some of these styles:

  • Colonial Window Grilles: This is the "traditional" window grille pattern of small equally sized squares or rectangles that run the entire length and width of the window pane.
  • Prairie Window Grilles: For a more open look, homeowners might want this grille pattern with four intersecting lines, each placed close to the window edge, with a large open space in the center of the window. There are additional prairie grille patterns that break up the window even further, such as 12-lite and 14-lite grille patterns.
  • Craftsman Window Grilles: A very simple look, a craftsman grille pattern works best on single- or double-hung windows. Just one grille is placed horizontally in the center of the top window pane to divide it in half.
  • Farmhouse Window Grilles: Another simple option, this pattern features two intersecting grille lines that divide the window up into four equal sections.
  • New England Grilles: This is another pattern that works great on double-hung windows. The top window pane is divided up into lots of small equally sized squares and the bottom window pane is divided into two equal sections by a single vertical grille.
  • Victorian Grilles: Like prairie window grilles, this pattern leaves the center of the window clear for viewing, but the window pane is framed in a border of small squares all around the edges.
  • Custom Window Grilles: These days it's possible to get a wide variety of grille patterns for windows. You can even create customized looks, such as diamond grille patterns, that help make windows an eye-catching element of the home.

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