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Wood Windows

Do you want replacement windows that provide the beauty of traditional wood frames but without warping, cracking, and difficult maintenance? If so, then you will be glad to have discovered Legacy Remodeling—a leading choice for Provia Aeris wood windows in Pittsburgh. Choose from a variety of woodgrain window interiors and enjoy the performance of vinyl at the same time, then rest easy while our local contractors provide the professional installation that you need. 

Why Aeris Wood Windows?


Aeris wood-clad windows combine real maple, oak, or cherry interiors with durable vinyl exteriors, providing the appearance of real wood without warping, rotting, or damage from woodboring insects. 

Energy Efficient

Aeris wood windows are ENERGY STAR® certified. Features include insulated frames and energy efficient glass systems comprised of a Low-E coating, double windowpanes, and insulating gas fill. 

Frame Color Retention

The frame color that you choose is that color that you will get, and the result lasts for many years without UV-ray discoloration or fading. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional wood windows that require sanding, staining, and painting, Aeris wood windows retain their original charm with little maintenance required. 

Custom Wood Windows for Pittsburgh, PA Homes

When you want the best replacement windows in Pittsburgh, it’s hard to beat the quality of Aeris wood windows. Your project begins with a free consultation, so you can find the right window types for your home. 


Double-hung windows open from the top and bottom, providing flexible ventilation and improved safety for homes with small children and pets. 


Slider windows open horizontally across a smooth-operating track. This mid-century window continues to be a favorite for any room that could use some fresh air. 

Casement & Awning

Casement and awning windows are comprised of a single sash that opens outward using a hand crank. Casement windows are hinged on the left or right, and awning windows are hinged on the top. 


This static window provides a beautiful, picturesque view of the outdoors and one of the best energy ratings on the market. Use picture windows on their own or pair them with operational windows.  

Bay & Bow

Bay and bow windows are three to six windows set side-by-side at varying outward angles, creating a striking outdoor view from the inside while improving the curb-appeal of your home.

More About Aeris Wood Windows by Legacy Remodeling

At Legacy Remodeling, we take pride in providing homeowners in our area with the best products and installation service at a fair price. As a result, we are A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and we received numerous customer service awards including the “Angie’s Super Service Award.” For us, choosing Provia’s Aeris wood-clad windows was easy because they provide the benefits that we would want for our own homes. Contact us today to learn more about our window selection and special offers, and don’t forget your free, no-obligation quote!