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Several factors affect the energy efficiency of a window. It is useful to understand how differences in these factors contribute to both the overall cost of the window as well as the overall savings you will get from the improved efficiency. Here are the key areas to pay attention to when shopping f...

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There are many problems that can be wrong with a window, but not all of them demand an entire window replacement. Even breaks in the glass can sometimes only require a simple repair in certain circumstances. While disreputable or inexperienced window installers may say replacement is always the way...

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Home remodeling can be a great opportunity to freshen up the look of your home, but many homeowners don’t know where to start when they approach a remodeling project. From budgeting to the stages of construction, here is a guide to simplify the process and help you reach your remodeling goals. You w...

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The cool fall weather can be a relief after a hot and humid summer. For homeowners, this transitional season is also a good time to make some simple home improvements before the winter chill hits. There are a number of updates that can be made to increase energy efficiency, boost property value, and...

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