Bathroom Remodel - New Shower

Before starting on a bathroom remodeling project, you’ll want to ensure you are prepared ahead of time. Starting a bath renovation without a detailed plan could lead to an incohesive look or worse, fixtures that don’t work for your space or needs.

Consider the total square footage of your bathroom.

A professional remodeling team like Legacy Remodeling will take careful measurements of your bathroom during their consultation. However, even before you get exact measurements, it’s helpful to have a rough idea of your bathroom’s dimensions. Knowing the total square footage of your bathroom can help you decide whether a new shower may fit better in your home or if you have enough room for a more spacious tub.

Decide whether you’d like a bath conversion.

If your current bathroom feels too cramped, you may want to think about a bath conversion. This type of project involves changing out your tub for a shower that fits well in a smaller space. Bath conversions are a great way to personalize your bathroom so that it works better for you and your family’s needs

Determine your accessibility needs for your bathroom.

Do you need a safer bathing option? If traditional tubs and showers aren’t working for your needs, investing in a bathroom with more accessible features could be a convenient solution for you. At Legacy Remodeling, we can install low-barrier showers that eliminate the need to step over a high shower or tub wall.

Select a color scheme that suits your tastes.

Our inventory of bathroom products includes a range of shower bases that are available in colors like white, biscuit, sandbar, and dune. We also have a variety of customizable shower doors that can add to your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Choose a brand that’s well-known for its quality.

Legacy Remodeling uses Luxury Bath shower products, materials that are recognized for their durability and elegance. Homeowners can depend on these top-tier shower components for a great look that lasts longer.

Pick the accessories that you’d like to have in your bathroom.

Accessories can have a big effect on your bathroom’s appearance and function. Spend some time considering the type of showerhead that you prefer. For example, a rainfall style is a popular choice for homeowners that want maximum luxury. You can also choose a hand shower for more flexibility. Shower kits with coordinating fixtures are a convenient way to bring the look together.

Partner With an Award-Winning Bathroom Renovator

When you’re ready to start your bathroom remodel, make sure you choose an experienced renovation company in Pennsylvania. Want to schedule a free consultation to get more remodeling advice and even a complimentary quote? Just call or submit our online form!