Window Installation

Are you thinking about getting a new window installation? The process of replacing your windows involves multiple steps, including taking measurements of the window opening. Whether you take the measurements, or a professional installer does, accuracy is essential.

How Poor Measurements Affect Your Windows

While a window that’s way too large or too small will obviously not fit into a window opening, there are also problems with windows that are off by a few centimeters. Sure, the installers can make these replacement windows fit, but you won’t get a great airtight, watertight seal.

Poorly fitting window replacements:

  • Allow drafts to enter the home
  • Let in moisture and humidity
  • Create an opening for insects
  • Increase the risk of mold and mildew
  • Allow noise pollution to enter the home

Tips for Taking Accurate Window Measurements

It’s important to get the most accurate measurements you can to ensure your replacement windows have an airtight fit. One of the best ways to get those measurements is by hiring a professional window company to replace your windows for you.

If you are interested in DIYing the project, here are a few tips for taking those measurements:

  • Use Metric: Most window companies use the metric system for constructing new windows because it is a more accurate method. If you take measurements in standard, they have to convert them to metric which increases the potential for inaccurate results.
  • Three Measurements Per Side: Always take three measurements per side of the window. You’ll want to measure along the top, the middle section, and bottom section. Submit these measurements to the window manufacturer so they can create a window that properly fits the window opening.
  • Take Measurements from Outside: Go outside of the house to take your measurements. If your home has brickwork or wood siding, it’s difficult to cut this to make more room for a window that’s too large.

Learn More About New Window Installations by Legacy Remodeling

At Legacy Remodeling, we offer a range of custom energy-efficient windows made exactly to your specifications. You can also pick out the window features, type, and colors for a beautiful addition to your home. Be sure you get an accurate measurement with help from our window installers too. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with a free consultation.