Window Maintenance

It’s dark, splotchy, and musty smelling. Some research even indicates that this organism harms your health by triggering allergies and lung issues. What is it? Mold!

No homeowner wants to pull back the curtains one day to find mold growing on their windowsills. Especially if the damage caused by mold is already so bad the only answer is new window installation.

If you’ve already found and bleached a few spots of mold in the house, it’s important to take steps to prevent it from growing on your windows in the future. First, you’ll need to understand why mold has taken root in your home.

How Mold Grows on Your Windowsill

Mold spores exist in our environment ready to invade as soon as the right conditions are met. What are some of these conditions?

  • Moisture
  • Darkness
  • Warmth

These conditions combined with fresh oxygen and the right food source, like tasty wood, allow mold to get set up in your home. Usually, mold is a problem in the wintertime and during rainy periods when there is less sunlight.

Preventing Mold Growth on Windows

There are a few ways to stop mold from growing on your window features and trim. One easy step is to regularly check all of your windowsills and other out of the way areas of the home too. You’ll be able to catch any mold growth before it gets bad and clean it up. What are some other tips for preventing mold growth?

Apply a Coat of Mildew-Resistant Paint

Purchase a house paint with a mildew-resistant chemical added and apply a fresh coat to your windowsills. These products help prevent mold and mildew from getting started in the first place.

Wipe Down the Windowsills with Bleach

Make sure to clean your windowsills on the regular with a 3:1 ratio of soapy water and bleach. Cleaning helps to remove debris and mold spores, while the bleach will kill mold and other organisms.

Improve Air Flow Around Windows

Consider cracking your windows open an inch or two on dry days to improve air flow. You may also want to open up the curtains and lift any blinds. If you have a central air conditioning system just switch on the fan to keep air circulating throughout the home so mold doesn’t have a chance to settle.

Consider a Dehumidifier

If you have a problem with moisture building up in certain rooms, a dehumidifier can do wonders. These portable appliances pull water vapor from the air and condense it into small pans for easy removal. You can use a dehumidifier to help dry out rooms after carpet cleaning, a leak, or just on rainy days.

Get Window Replacement for Chronic Issues

If you are having chronic problems with mold growth in a certain window despite the steps you’ve taken, it could be a sign the window needs replacement. Older windows have cracks and openings where the weather seals have dried out. These openings allow moisture and mold spores to enter and begin growing.

Make your home airtight and mold proof by getting window replacement when necessary. Just turn to Legacy Remodeling for a free consultation and cost estimate right away. Fill out our online form or give our Pittsburgh window company a call to speak with a friendly representative.