Replacement Windows

A window replacement project enhances curb appeal and improves functionality of the home. Your windows cover a large portion of your home’s exterior, making them defining points of your house. When looking for replacement windows, you want to make sure your new windows match your home’s current aesthetic. 

However, you also want to keep in mind the functionality of these windows. Before deciding on a window style based solely on price and energy-efficiency, ask yourself what you’ll be using that window for?

There are several window features to consider such as the direction in which it opens, how much natural light it’ll let in, and how many panels the window is made out of. The kind of window design that is ideal for your living room may be different than the one that best suits your kitchen.

Below you’ll find a list of six different window designs you can install into your home:

Compact Awning & Hopper Windows

Not all areas in your home require large, elegant windows. For less frequented spaces, such as your basement or attic, a compact window design will do just fine. 

Awning windows open down and outward, allowing in fresh air when open and locking in heat and cool air when closed. These windows are excellent additions to half-baths and attics. 

Hopper windows open up and outward. They’re built with a hand crank at the top and a hinge on the bottom, making them easy to manage in any small space. These windows fit nicely in basements. 

Elegant Bay & Bow Windows

There’s probably one room in particular where you and your loved ones get together often. Whether it be your living room, dining room, or some other family room, you want to make sure this space is as welcoming and spacious as possible. 

Installing a bay or bow windows into your space will do just that!

Adding an elegant touch to your living space, these multi-paneled windows extend outwards and allow in natural light from several angles. Bay and bow windows are guaranteed to add space and elegance to any home. 

Sophisticated Casement Windows

Are you looking to upgrade your home office? You’ll be surprised to see just how far a set of casement windows will go! These door-like windows open at a 90-degree angle, allowing for maximum airflow and an unobstructed view of outdoors. 

Practical Slider Windows

For places in your home that need a lot of sunlight throughout the day and insulation at night — slider windows are the ideal solution. Easily opening either left or right, these low-maintenance windows are great for kitchens and bedrooms. 

Classic Double Hung Windows

Most homes come with double-hung windows which slide up and down. These windows can accommodate almost any room in your home. They’re commonly seen in bedrooms, however, they can also be placed in the kitchen and bathroom.

Plant Friendly Garden Windows

For homeowners who have a green thumb and would like to place their small plants somewhere in the kitchen — there’s a window solution for you! Similar to bow and bay windows, garden windows extend out. Their smaller design makes them great for the area above your kitchen sink.

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