For any homeowner, the windows of the house are one of the most important factors that impact the look and functionality of the home. They allow sunlight to stream in, filling your home with natural light. They also give you a great view of the outdoors while keeping bugs and intruders from entering your home, improve indoor climate and air quality, and many other benefits.

However, over time, they can become in need of replacing. When it comes time to find window contractors in Pittsburgh, look no further than the team at Legacy Home Remodeling. With a team specializing in replacement windows, energy-efficient windows, and any other window installations, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. To help you better understand the process of window replacement, let’s take a look at the process.

What Could Affect My Window Installation Time?

One of the first questions homeowners have about window replacement is how long it’s going to take. While it’s impossible to determine how long your project will take without considering the specific details, the average amount of time is approximately 30 minutes to an hour per window.

In any case, here are some of the factors that will affect your window installation time:

  • Size: The size of your windows will greatly affect the install time of your windows. For smaller, standard size windows, your installation time should be much quicker. For larger, more difficult sizes, expect a longer install time.
  • Number of Windows: As you may have guessed, the number of windows that you are having installed will easily determine how long the install will be.
  • Window Material: Different materials will require different processes for installation which means that you could be looking at a longer install for more out of the ordinary materials.
  • Obstructions: Consider where your windows are located and if there is anything that will make the installation more difficult. This could add time to your install.

Window Installation Preparation

When it comes to prepping the windows in your home for a new replacement, the process can be done by either you or the window installer. Here are a few things you can do yourself to keep costs and install times down:

  • Remove any blinds, curtains, or shutters that may be in the way of the installer.
  • Remove and window sensors from security alarms so that they do not become forgotten or damaged during the install.
  • Remove anything on the walls near the windows as these can become damaged when workers are removing and installing new windows.
  • Clear out a path for the installers to make quick and easy trips in and out of your home. Set down drop cloths to ensure that your floor does not become dirty or damaged as well. Most installers will do this, however, it is good to always be prepared.

The Window Installation Process

The first thing your window installer will do is measure out all of your windows. This will allow them to get an accurate quote. Once you have approved the quote and signed all of the documents, their team can get to work.

First, you and your contractor will determine to install dates. This will help you to get organized and have everything prepped and ready for the installation. On the day of the installation, your remodeling company will start by removing all of the old windows and prepping the openings for the new window installations.

Once they place the new windows into the openings, they will level them with shins for a properly leveled install. Once leveled and mounted in, they will finish it up with trim to complete the look.

Quality Window Installation Services In Pittsburgh

With the process better explained, you should feel more confident with the window replacement procedure performed by Legacy Home Remodeling. Since 1987, the team at Legacy Home Remodeling has been providing top-notch window replacement services to the greater Pittsburgh area.

To discuss your next home remodeling project with our window company in Pittsburgh, give our team a call today to speak with someone over the phone. Or, if you prefer to get started right away with a free, in-home pricing estimate, fill out our online form to have a representative contact you now.