Everyone Deserves a Decent Place to Call Home

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh is a non-profit with a mission to prove affordable housing to local low-income families.
Even though the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area is thriving and was recently called one of America's "most livable cities" we are still in need of over 15,000 affordable homes for our residents.
Together, we can work towards a better tomorrow and ensure that no family has to suffer through the barriers to a better, healthier, more financially stable life with homeownership.

Our Impact

  • 101 Homes Built/Rehabilitated
  • 92 Homes Repaired
  • Veteran Services

Get Involved

You can learn more information about the cause here: https://www.habitatpittsburgh.org/
Legacy Remodeling is proud to give back to the community and ensure that every local resident is given the aid they need. Every hand can build new homes and every gift makes a difference. Get involved in the cause!