Steel Town legend Antonio Brown breaks the mold both on and off the field with his impressive receiving records and countless touchdowns. As a one-of-a-kind player, it only seems fitting that he would have one of the most luxurious tree houses in all of Pittsburgh. 

When you picture a typical treehouse, you imagine a few rough planks nailed to a tree in the backyard of a suburban home, but that’s not what you’ll find at Antonio Brown’s house. It is a work of art built by the one and only Tree House Masters of Animal Planet. However, they didn’t do the job alone. 

When they reached out to Legacy Remodeling for some assistance, we were happy to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Alongside the Tree House Masters, we helped long-admired Antonio Brown take his tree house above and beyond everyone’s wildest expectations.

Siding as Tough as AB

It’s no surprise that the Pittsburgh weather can be rough on homes, especially when your house is in the trees. For that reason, it was imperative that we chose a siding material that was durable enough to protect the tree house from the elements. After careful consideration, we settled on James Hardiefiber cement siding as the ideal fit. Not only does it effortlessly combine style with strength, much like Antonio, but it also provides adequate insulation for a comfortable living space. More importantly for the tree house, fiber cement is incredibly resistant to termites, rot, and UV penetration.

Impressive Metal Roofing

Few things can stop AB from reaching the end zone, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some protection on his tree house. Since the home is at high risk for damage from tree limbs and fire, we wanted to make sure that we improved the safety by installing metal roofing that can protect the tree house from fire, wind damage, and more. Not to mention, this type of roofing is designed to last for years with minimal maintenance!

Flair Fit for a Legend

Before we were able to show Antonio Brown his new tree house escape, we had to add some custom-designed elements that would really take the structure to new heights. From the panoramic views to the spacious bedroom, the tree house is completely decked out in stunning details. In fact, we added some of our most stylish composite hardwood flooring and custom interior wiring to make the treehouse truly fit for Steel Town’s beloved wide receiver. To top it all off, the tree house sits next to a custom basketball court and soccer pitch to keep the athlete in great shape.

If you would like to learn more about our exterior remodeling and bathroom renovation services approved by Antonio Brown, we encourage you to contact Legacy Remodeling today! You can call to discuss your kitchen renovation plans with one of our knowledgeable representatives, or you can see more examples of our work as seen on Tree House Masters.