When the bath is old and worn out, or is excessively damaged, Pittsburgh homeowners may wonder if it is time for a bathtub replacement rather than attempting repairs. Legacy Remodeling has trained and certified contractors who can help you determine what the best option is for your needs and budget. If you are seriously considering a bathroom renovation of some type, we can provide a free consultation with one of our design experts that also includes a no-obligation price estimate.

Until you are ready to meet in-person with someone about this bathtub installation project, a little research into the topic can ease the stress of future decisions. Let's go over some of the potential reasons for replacing your tub, and what you might want to replace it with when the time comes.

When Should You Consider Bathtub Replacement?

The first and most important sign that you need a new bathtub is when the fixture is visibly damaged or is leaking. Cracks and peeling spots not only reduce function, they also impact your safety when taking a bath. Small to moderate sized cracks can be repaired, but they are a sign that the structure of your bathtub may be failing and other damage could follow soon.

Deep stains and grime are another concern for many homeowners who want to be able to relax in their bath. Over time, the finish on some types of baths can wear thin or become porous and stain more easily. Saving yourself a lot of extra effort cleaning these stubborn fixtures can certainly be a good excuse for bathtub replacement.

Some may also want to replace their tub for other reasons, such as a renovating an out of date bathroom, opening up a small space with a bath conversion, or even installing a handicap accessible walk-in tub.

Do You Want a Bathtub Renovation or a New Bath Liner?

When simply updating the existing bathtub with a new fixture, homeowners may choose bathtub liners or opt for complete bathtub replacement. If you are on a tight budget, the bath liner is probably tempting. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost for installing a bath liner is roughly $2,800, while the national average of installing a new bathtub is about $3,000. The prices for both can go much lower, if you opt for no-frills, base models and, maybe even take advantage of one of our seasonal specials.

Bathtub Liners: Pros and Cons

Those considering bath liners must absolutely find a professional who takes care to obtain exact measurements for the new fixture, including marking where the drains are to ensure an airtight fit. This is essential to keep water from seeping between the old and new tub and creating an environment where mold can grow. When you get a bath liner, you'll also probably end up with a complete wall surround too. These fixtures come in one or two pieces to minimize the number of seams and potential water seepage spots.

Replacement Bathtubs: Pros and Cons

A complete bathtub replacement may be more costly, but it also provides you with a completely new fixture. You'll also have greater ability to customize the new fixture if you want to update the bathroom with a modern look.

Depending on the company you use for the renovation, there may also be a longer construction period. However, Legacy Remodeling understands your need for peace and quiet. Our team is able to finish most bathtub installations in as little as one day.

Whether you are considering a quick bathtub replacement or want a complete renovation of this space, give us a call to speak with a representative. We're also easy to reach via our online contact form. Legacy Remodeling can set you up with a free, in-home design consultation right away.