It’s that time of year again! Though there’s much to love about the winter season, one thing no one wants to deal with is the hassles of a poorly winterized home. From sky-high energy bills, burst water pipes, and dangerous walk-waysȉfailure to properly weatherproof you home can cost you big time!

Are you ready to winterize your Pittsburgh home? Legacy Remodeling has a useful suggestion for keeping your home comfortable, safe, and beautiful during the upcoming months and beyond. Replacement Pittsburgh windows!

Pittsburgh Energy-Efficient Windows Make Winter Even More Wonderful!

When inspecting your home for possible winter-weather problems, windows are easily overlooked. Take a close look at your current windows. If you notice drafts, cracked glass, or warped sashes, investing in energy-efficient windows might be the best way to jump-start your home winterization project. At Legacy Remodeling, our window options come with many premier benefits including:

  • Lasting Style: Our windows are available in a wide-range of beautiful styles for any home. Imagine a Christmas tree on display behind a beautiful bay window!
  • Expert Installation: We have what it takes to install your new windows any time of the year while saving your time and money on remodeling costs.
  • Energy-Efficiency: The high-performance windows we provide are complete with several energy-saving features including
    • Double and triple pane glass
    • Argon and Krypton gas insulation
    • Low-E glass

Are You Ready To Winter-Proof Your Home with a Quality Pittsburgh Remodel?

If your windows are outdated, unsightly Ȉ and worse yet Ȉ low-performance and energy-draining, there is no better time to get the best energy-efficient Pittsburgh windows! 

Contact Legacy Remodeling today to learn more about our many style options and to request your free replacement window estimate