In terms of weather protection, energy efficiency, and overall curb appeal, your choice of home siding can make a big impact. But with so many options for replacement siding in Pittsburgh, choosing just one can be difficult

How can you know which siding will work best for your home?

While the choice is often personal—and one that depends heavily on the unique characteristics of your home—some Pittsburgh siding options are certainly more recommended than others.

Today, we’d like to make a quick comparison of two popular options: Hardie siding and Celect siding.

How Hardie Siding and Celect Siding Stack Up

Manufactured by James Hardie, Hardie siding is one of the most recognized home improvement products today. A fiber cement material known for its high curb appeal, Hardie siding is absolutely a high-quality product, and it’s commonly recommended for homes across the greater Pittsburgh area.

However, for homeowners who want a little less maintenance at a similar price point, Celect siding is another great option. Although Celect enjoys less name recognition among the general public, industry professionals rate this siding product exceptionally highly. Made of cellular PVC composite, Celect siding is designed to faithfully mimic the natural grain of wood without its corresponding hazards and headaches.

Let’s look at how Celect Siding compares to the better-known Hardie

  • Water Resistance: With a water-based Kynar Aquatec® coating, Celect siding is unaffected by water and moisture in the way that fiber cement siding is.
  • Installation Ease: Unlike Hardie board, Celect siding requires neither diamond-blade cutting nor touch-up painting during the installation process.
  • Coverage: With interlocking panels (rather than separate pieces buttingup against one another), Celect boards create a seamless, cohesive look without the need for caulk. 
  • Warranty Coverage: Celect siding comes with both a lifetime warranty and a 25-year finish warranty

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When it comes to Pittsburgh siding, both Hardie and Celect are reputable and recommended manufacturers—so the ultimate choice will come down to your specific preferences and goals.

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