Finding a replacement window company might not seem like the most glamorous of renovation projects. Often, people do not realize the multiple advantages to your home, bank account, safety, and comfort that new windows provide. This goes beyond aesthetics and requires professional understanding of the dynamics of how a house is designed.

Window installation Pittsburgh style involves attention to a few key details unique to our area. Lowering energy costs, adding bay windows for the view, or installing awning windows that let you feel the breeze even in the rain are some things a long-term local company understands. Depending on the location, style, and age of the house, as well as other factors, the options will vary. Understanding your replacement window company requirements is easy if you know what improvements you are seeking.

The top 5 benefits of new window installation that Legacy Remodeling has noticed based on customer satisfaction include:

  1. Money Savings – Increasing energy efficiency and higher insulation values reduces costs of heating and power. Sometimes rebates are offered for environmentally friendly renovations which is another financial gain.

  1. Improved Comfort – New windows will keep rooms at the just the right temperature. As well, depending on the options you choose, it could provide additional space or functionality and UV protection. 

  1. Increased Light – With innovative technology available there are different shapes, sizes, and types that can improve lighting in even the smallest of spaces.

  1. Reduced Condensation – No more water dripping on windows, frost, or freezing in the winter. New windows make living conditions inside the home much more enjoyable.

  1. Increased Property Value– Once completed, your windows will increase the value of your Pittsburgh real estate by at least as much as the cost of installation—often more.

Whether you are looking for a more comfortable home or to light up a dark room, a quality replacement window companywill help you feel the benefits of your new windows with confidence that the improvements will last. 

When looking for window installation, Pittsburgh homeowners choose a company with a history of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers.  With more than two decades of experience providing high-quality service, Legacy Remodeling is dedicated to providing superior assistance for window replacement, Pittsburgh community organizations, and major charitable events. Our mission to do the right thing offers assurance that we are a replacement window company you can trust.