questions-to-ask-buying-new-windows.jpgBuying new windows can be an overwhelming experience.

Most homeowners have a lot of questions, but it’s easy to forget to ask those questions in the midst of the process, even if you keep a list of things you want to know. If you are looking for new windows for your Pittsburgh home, here are four questions you should always remember to ask.

Which Energy Efficiency Features Do I Really Need?

Replacement windows have many energy efficient options like double or triple panes, Low-E glazing, and gas fills. Depending on the position of your home, the amount of sunlight you are exposed to, your budget and other factors, certain energy efficient features are more important than others. A good window professional will take those factors into consideration when making recommendations, and should explain why they are making those specific proposals for your home.

From Start To Finish, What Is The Process?

When you are ready to buy your new windows, one of the first questions you need the professionals to answer is, “What’s next?” You want to know when the team will come to your house to take measurements, how soon the work will begin, how long the work will take, and what you need to do to prepare your home for installation. This helps you feel more comfortable with the process and makes installation go much more smoothly. True professionals will walk you through the process end-to-end, and will alert you promptly of any changes to the scope or schedule.

What Is Included In the Quote And Contract?

When it comes to remodeling and home improvement work, contracts are extremely important. You want to make sure that you understand the quote and the contract before you sign off on anything. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand these documents. Companies that gloss over this step should be avoided.

Window estimates are typically based on the sum of the length and width of each window and any extra work that may be needed. It should also include the disposal of old windows. If you have extensive damage to the window frames there may be other repairs included in your quote.

When you get your contract, it should also include information and disclaimers that legally protect both you and the professionals. Be sure the documents include:

  • A total bid price
  • A payment schedule
  • Work scope
  • Site plan
  • A schedule of construction tasks in sequence from first to last
  • A clause that outlines how changes will be handled
  • Warranty information and work guarantees
  • A dispute resolution clause
  • Lien waiver preventing subcontractors or others from putting a lien on your home if invoices are unpaid

What Do the Warranties Cover?

Reputable window companies list their warranties on their website so you can read up ahead of time. The window manufacturer offers a warranty for the windows you purchase, but you will also want to check the warranty you receive from the professionals you hire to install your windows. A workmanship warranty is extremely important – it covers the work the professionals do. A good company will have a comprehensive workmanship warranty because they stand behind their employees and their work.

At Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh, we understand that windows are a huge investment, and homeowners will have lots of questions. We encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they need to in order to be comfortable with their purchase and the installation process. If you are a Western PA homeowner shopping for replacement windows, contact our team today.