pittsburgh-window-remodeler.jpgNew windows are a significant investment. You put out a lot of money to achieve better energy efficiency and curb appeal.

If you chose the wrong company, your experience and the way you feel about your windows will be a disaster. Take the time to look for these qualities in your Pittsburgh window remodeler to ensure that the process, and the final result, are a smooth success.

One: a Strong Reputation

A window remodeler’s reputation is extremely important. It’s easy to hop online and search review websites, but remember to take those with a healthy grain of salt. Online reviews are notoriously inaccurate. Some companies pay for good reviews, while others actually pay people to post bad reviews for competitors. Check all online reviews against their score at the Better Business Bureau to determine how accurate those “reviews” really are.

An effective method is to ask neighbors, friends, family and colleagues if there are any companies they recommend. You can get a good feel for a company by talking at length to people whose opinions you trust. If one or two names pop up over and over again, that company is likely worth investigating.

Two: Insurance & Credentials

It might seem obvious that your professional should be both insured and up to date with the necessary licenses and certifications. However, if you’re not an expert in remodeling yourself, it can be hard to separate the real pros from the faux. Simply ask a salesperson or employee for proof of credentials and they’ll be happy to verify. Be wary of any company that pushes back. Insurance and proper credentials are important to you, but also protect their business, so no one should be offended if you ask for the documentation. Remember that if you live within the city limits, anyone who works on your home must be licensed to work in Pittsburgh.

Three: Warranties On The Windows, and The Work

Warranties are essential for any new or replacement window project. Warranties should cover both the windows and the work done by the remodeling company. Read the fine print of any warranty before paying any money. Some warranties look legitimate and customer-friendly, but the wording can be a bit tricky. Reputable window professionals or companies list their warranties on the website so you can read up ahead of time, or you can simply ask your salesperson to send you copies to review.

Four: Customer Service

When interviewing window professionals, make sure you understand their customer service protocols and track record. You want to work with a company that is responsive to customer issues or complaints. Learn the process of submitting requests, complaints or disputes, both minor and major, and then decide if you find the process satisfactory.

Five: Your Gut Feeling

If you meet with a window professional and something seems “off,” trust your gut. Conversely, if your meetings are all very professional, if the team answers all of your questions in a timely manner and provides all of the documentation you need in order to make a decision, trust that good feeling, as well.

As you work through a window project, you must like and be comfortable with the team. You’ll be talking a lot, and you will be inviting their contractors into your home. Make sure you feel comfortable and at ease around them.

The way you feel about your new windows can be greatly impacted by the remodeler who handles the project. In order to achieve your goals for your window installation, work with professionals who are true experts and who work well with their customers. If you are ready to work with a top window remodeler in Pittsburgh, contact the professionals at Legacy Remodeling today.