single-double-triple-casement-windows.jpgShopping for replacement windows can be extremely overwhelming, as the options on the market are nearly endless.

If you are building a home or addition, or if you are shopping for replacements, casement windows can be an ideal option. They are attractive, efficient, and offer many benefits for homeowners.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a rectangular window hinged at the side and opens outward. Using a crank system, they are very easy to open and can be the perfect solution to a window located in a hard-to-reach spot like above a sink. The screens on casement windows are placed on the inside of the window, protecting them from the elements, which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Other benefits of casement windows include:

  • Ventilation – Because they open outward, casement windows provide the most ventilation of any window type. When open, standard casements are open 100% to the outside.
  • Energy efficiency – When closed, casements offer second-to-none energy efficiency. Because it has a movable sash, weather-stripping fits snugly and securely.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning - Casement windows are easier to open and close, which also makes them easier to clean.
  • Brand quality – There are many high-quality brands in the casement window business, and there are many options for homeowners. An expert window professional can help you choose the casements that are right for your home.

Single Casement Windows

The single casement window is one of the most common types, with one single window opening on a hinge along the side of the window. The single casement window is a great way to add extra charm to any home, old or new. It’s most commonly used on standard sized windows in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Double Casement Windows

Double casement windows are sometimes referred to as French casement windows because of their resemblance to the French door. Think of the way French doors open. Double casements operate the same way. The left window has a hinge on the left side, the right window is hinged on the right. They are an attractive option for large windows with great views.

Triple Casement Windows

Picture the three sides of a bay window, and you’ll understand what triple casements are. They are a beautiful addition to any home and a great way to add some extra drama and style to a room. They look beautiful above a large kitchen counter or stove. Another popular place for triple casement windows would be above a window seat. They allow for maximum ventilation of that area, with three separate hinges for each section.

If you are looking for easy-open, easy-care replacement windows for your home contact the window experts at Legacy remodeling today. We can help you determine if casement windows are right for any areas of your home, and we will help you choose beautiful, energy-efficient solutions that will add real value to your home.