pittsburgh-window-film.jpgSolar window film, also called solar control film or window tint, can be used to improve the comfort of your home and protect interior furnishings from sun damage.

However, even though technology has come a long way in the last several years, window film is not without its drawbacks. If your Pittsburgh home is subject to a lot of natural light, you might be considering this option. Here are the pros and cons that you should consider before choosing a window film solution.

Pittsburgh Window Film: The Pros

There are the benefits you can get from choosing window film including:
  • Improved energy efficiency – Window film reduces heat transfer into the home during summer months and out of the home in cold months.
  • Return on investment – Window film is a relatively inexpensive retrofit for existing windows, and even slight energy savings can provide a return.
  • Protect furniture, art and carpet – High-quality film can reduce UV light by up to 99%, saving expensive furnishings from fading in direct sunlight, without having to close window shades.
  • Unrestricted view – Once applied, modern window film appears just as clear as the original window.
  • Security – If a window coated in retrofit film breaks, it prevents shards of glass from spilling into your home.
  • Budget-conscious- For homeowners with very tight budgets, or those who purchased new windows without added efficiency features, window film can provide extra efficiency.

Pittsburgh Window Film: The Cons

Though window film offers many benefits, there are some negatives to consider, including:
  • May nullify warranties – Some window manufacturers void warranties when homeowners retrofit them with film. Always check your warranty before installing.
  • Difficult to apply - Window film is not necessarily a DIY job. Window latches can make it extremely difficult to apply and unsightly bubbles can result. Definitely consult the help of a trained professional to install it.
  • Choosing the wrong film – There are a wide variety of films on the market. It is important to choose the right film for your windows, and this can be difficult without professional assistance.

Is Window Film Right For My Home?

Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of film, you must decide whether or not this is the best option for your unique situation. Window film is a very budget-conscious way to improve energy efficiency and reduce UV rays, but not all Pittsburgh homes are well-suited for window film. Because Pittsburgh experiences extreme shifts in temperature, it is necessary to choose a film that performs well in both extreme heat and extreme cold. Additionally, windows that suffer from warping or rotting may still need to be replaced. Professional installation is also your best bet for proper application, and can add to the overall cost of the film.

In many cases, the better investment is to choose replacement windows with a full range of energy-efficient and UV-blocking features that can significantly reduce energy costs and keep your home comfortable year round. However, the best way to determine the best solution for your home is to work with a window professional who can help you evaluate your current situation and offer options that fit your needs and your budget.

If you are considering window film for your Pittsburgh home and you’d like to discuss your options with an expert, contact the team at Legacy Remodeling today.