window-diy-pitfalls.jpgHome improvements can be expensive and DIY remodeling projects are attractive to homeowners who want to save a buck.

While there are plenty of projects that can be done by yourself on the cheap, there are some that should be left to a professional. Replacement windows can require a significant monetary investment, tempting many homeowners to try to install new windows on their own. However, there are some important DIY pitfalls you should know about before you attempt to install windows yourself.

DIY Pitfall #1: Installation

The biggest piece of the DIY window replacement project is the actual installation. When installing new windows, accurate measurements are essential. A fraction of a millimeter off can leave a new window vulnerable to water penetration and air leaks. Sealing the window is also part science and part art form. An OK caulk job just won’t cut it. If the windows aren’t aligned and sealed properly, you won’t have energy efficient windows anymore - even though you just paid big bucks for them.

DIY Pitfall #2: Transportation

Proper transportation and handling of replacement windows is very important. Glazing and coatings are delicate and can be easily damaged by minor scratches. Tossing them into a trunk or truck bed isn’t a good idea, and handling them during installation requires significant care. Window professionals have the appropriate setup and equipment to safely transport and handle your new windows without damaging the coatings you invested in.

DIY Pitfall #3: Timing

Another common error in window DIY projects is miscalculating the time it will take to complete the work. There are plenty of ways your project can be detoured – measurement errors, misplaced tools or materials, confusion, etc. – and that may add a lot more time to your project than you allotted for. While you can recover from these setbacks, a professional far less likely experience them and also more adept at that recovery in the event of an unforeseen issue. Time is money, even when you’re doing a project yourself.

DIY Pitfall #4: Proper Tools & Safe Environment

When it comes to installing replacement windows, you need to be sure to have the exact tools to get the job done right. You also need to look at your working space with an eye for safety. How will you comfortably reach every corner of your windows? Is the rickety ladder going to be stable enough to support you reaching those corners? An error could result in damage to your new windows or even physical injury to yourself. Hiring professionals removes these variables. They come to the job with the correct tools and an eye for safety (and insurance, if an accident should occur).

DIY Pitfall #5: No Warranty on the Work

One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional window installer is a warranty on the work itself. That means if one of the installers happens to make an error, you can bring them back to fix the window at little or no cost. If you do the work yourself and make a mistake, you’ll have to pay big bucks to get the error fixed by a professional.

If you experience sticker shock when shopping for windows, you may be tempted to do the work yourself. However, installing new windows requires specialized knowledge and skill. Unless you happen to be a contractor yourself, it’s best to turn the job over to a team who can guarantee the work and ensure your satisfaction with the final result.

If you’re ready to install replacement windows, don’t be tempted to do it yourself. Contact the window experts at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh. Our professionals will ensure your project is done correctly the first time, to help you add value to your home and save money on your energy bills.