places-buy-replacement-windows.jpgReplacement windows can change the look and feel of your home, but they do require a significant financial investment. Shopping for windows can be an overwhelming experience if you’ve never had to do it before. Here are four places you can buy replacement windows, along with some pros and cons of each option.

One: Buy Replacement Windows Online

Online window sellers are typically geared towards contractors, however, homeowners can visit these e-retailers to purchase windows. Buying online might seem convenient, but it can actually be a lot of work. You must know exactly how to measure for windows, you must know what types of windows you want, and pricing can vary significantly from site to site. It is also important to note that when you buy windows online, installation is not included. You must find, evaluate and hire a contractor to do the work once your windows are delivered.

Two: Big-Box Retailers

You can buy replacement windows from big-box retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Many homeowners find this to be one of the most convenient ways to purchase windows, however, there are some serious drawbacks to this option. First and foremost, the staff at these retail stores are not experts in window replacement. While you may find the occasional contractor working the floor during the off-season, it is rare for these stores to have window experts on the floor. Second, in an effort to save money, the installers these stores contract for labor can be unreliable and unknowledgeable, and fighting these stores for a refund or replacement parts can be an uphill battle.

Three: Commercial Building Suppliers

Commercial building suppliers sell directly to contractors and professionals, which means as a homeowner, you must know what you are looking for ahead of time. These suppliers may be able to recommend an installer, but their business is geared towards commercial sales, not direct-to-consumer sales. In fact, in some places you cannot make retail purchases from a commercial supplier without a contracting license.

Four: Professional Remodeling Companies

The most economical way to shop for windows to ensure that you get the best value, the right fit and a solid warranty is to work with a reputable remodeling firm. They work with homeowners on a project from end-to-end and they manage the delivery, installation and follow up. When you shop through a professional remodeling firm, be sure to find out if they have sales arrangements with specific companies. If a firm gets more money by selling you a specific brand of window, it is unlikely they will put your best interests first. “Vendor-neutral” companies have no incentive to sell you anything but the best value window for your budget.

If you are looking to buy replacement windows in Pittsburgh, but you have become overwhelmed by the process, give the professionals at Legacy Remodeling a call today. We can help you choose beautiful, energy-efficient windows that will add value to your home and give you peace of mind.