avoid-inexpensive-windowsWhen it is time to replace your home’s windows, the task—and the cost—might seem overwhelming at first. And it’s true, replacement windows can be a significant investment.

However, when it comes to windows, you never want to give in to the temptation to cut corners just to save a few bucks.

Many homeowners attempt to save money by turning to inexpensive replacement windows, but this is a mistake. New windows should add to the value of your home and decrease your energy costs. If you give in to the pitfall of going the cheap route, you cannot realize those benefits.

Throwing Money Out of Inexpensive Replacement Windows

One of the biggest drawbacks of inexpensive replacement windows lies in energy efficiency. It costs money to add panes, fill the panes with argon gas and to coat the windows with solar reflective technology. Cheap windows lack these features and therefore are usually not energy efficient, which means they won’t save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

A double-paned or triple-paned window with a vacuumed-sealed argon gas fill will cost more per window, but the one-time cash outlay saves you money each and every month thereafter. Truly energy efficient windows also increase the resale value of your home, whereas inefficient windows will do little, if anything, to help you recoup your investment.

Skimping On Materials Can Mean Paying Twice

When it comes to replacement windows, there are many frame materials to choose from. Wood is typically the most expensive; vinyl the cheapest.  However, there are different grades of quality and insulation value among those materials. It does no good to opt for a cheap material that isn’t well-insulated and cannot stand up to the elements. If you have to replace your windows a few years after you get new ones, you will have wasted money.

Work closely with a widow professional to select a high-quality and well insulated material that will last a long time. There are lots of options on the market, and window dealers often have a line on manufacturer sales or discounts that you won’t find simply by searching online or shopping at a big-box improvement store.

Don’t Get Cheap on Labor Costs

Some homeowners are willing to pay for top-quality windows, but aren’t as willing to pay for the labor involved in installing them. Again, this is an error that can lead to spending more money in the long run. Window replacement is not a DIY project. Widows must be installed properly in order to ensure that they do their job.

Resist the urge to hire a general contractor to do the work. Instead, opt for a professional window installer who has experience with the brand of window you’ve chosen. Each type of window has its own installation best practices that a general contractor may be unware of. If you want the true benefits of new windows, don’t skimp on the labor.

Window replacement isn’t cheap – and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice. There are a number of ways to make the project more wallet friendly, such as staggering installation or financing the project with a home equity loan. However, you never want to be tempted to turn to inexpensive replacement windows. The whole point of new windows is to invest in the energy efficiency and value of your home, and cheap windows just won’t deliver.

If you are a Pittsburgh homeowner who wants to learn more about window replacement, the window professionals at Legacy Remodeling are here for you. We can help you select the right windows that will add value to your, and we will keep your budget in mind. Contact us today to start a conversation.