bathroom-remodeling-tipsBathrooms are some of the most-used rooms in any home, and when you’ve finally decided to update a bath, it can be an exciting time.

However, you cannot jump into a remodeling project with your eyes closed. There are some important factors to consider before anyone takes a sledgehammer to a shower wall.

What is the Project Timeframe?

It is essential to know how long you will be without a bathroom, especially if you are remodeling your home’s only full bath. If, for example, you want to have your new bath ready to go for Christmas visitors, you might not want to begin demolition the week before the holidays.

This is extremely important if you plan on doing any of the work yourself. There are always unforeseen issues that pop up during a remodeling project – most are small, but some can be significant. A single backordered item or damaged fixture can derail a timeline. If you work with a professional bathroom remodeler, they should build those unforeseen issues into their timeline, and they take much less time to complete a project end-to-end.

You Can’t Move Forward Without a Budget in Place

Your budget will determine the scope of your project. It is necessary to sit down with your bank statements and determine just how much you can afford and how much you are comfortable spending, which are often two different numbers. You and your spouse must be on the same page, as well.

Once you agree upon a number, be ready to stick to it. You may find that your money doesn’t go far enough to include all the features you dream of – or you may find that your money goes farther than you thought. However, you can’t know anything until you plan that budget and talk to a professional designer about what you can expect for that price.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Even if your budget is high, you might not be able to get everything you want from your bathroom remodel. You may learn that you can’t remove a wall you’d hoped to knock down, or you might have to spend some of your money updating electrical or plumbing work. You must remain flexible and understand that sometimes structural and functional issues may get in the way. Remember, the finished product is what matters, and you just may find that the end result exceeds your expectations, even if the shower tile you originally dreamed of has been discontinued.

The Devil is in the Details

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the big aspects of a new bathroom. You may be so focused on your new free-standing tub and multi-head shower that you forget to focus on more practical things like storage, toilet placement, towel hooks, etc. Don’t neglect the smaller details of your new bathroom when planning out your wish list and your design. Working with a bathroom design professional can ensure that you don’t forget to include these less glamourous features.

Bathrooms are Not a DIY Project

You may be tempted to try and save money by doing your bathroom yourself, but unless you are a professional contractor, DIY-ing a bathroom is rarely a good idea. Professionals know how to choose features that work with your budget, they know how to time the project correctly to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and they manage the entire remodel from start to finish. If you begin the bathroom yourself and must call for help later, you’ll end up spending twice what you had hoped. It is almost always better for your peace of mind and your wallet to work with a professional from the beginning.

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