pittsburgh-winter-windowsFall has arrived, and that means that winter is knocking on Pittsburgh’s door. If you’re like a lot of homeowners in Western PA, it actually means that winter is knocking on your windows. The Consumer Energy Center reports that 60 percent of annual energy expenses come from heating a home, and 30 percent of your money goes right out drafty windows. If you’re already dreading your winter energy bill, now is the time plan a window replacement.

Signs Your Need Replacement Windows Now

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you need new windows:
  • Can you feel cold air coming through the windows?
  • Do your curtains move when the windows are closed and the wind is blowing?
  • Can you see visible water damage around the window?
  • Does condensation gather between glass panes?
  • Do you have old, single-pane windows?
  • Do you have to use a brick or nails to keep your windows closed?
  • Do your windows no longer lock?
  • Do you weatherize drafty windows, only to find cold air still leaks through?
Most Pittsburgh homeowners know when their windows need to be replaced, they just put off the inevitable. Each year you put it off, the problems get worse, which means you’ll lose more heat and your energy bills will continue to climb.

Can You Replace Windows During A Crazy Pittsburgh Winter?

Many people believe winter is a bad time to install new windows. However, every day your old windows stay in place, you’re throwing money away. If you’ve had it with your windows, take heart. They can be replaced in winter. It’s not as if all of your windows will be removed at the same time and your house will be open to the elements. It is a progressive project, and installers will replace one window at a time to reduce heat loss. During the process, each window space will only be open to the elements for about ten minutes.

One day of window replacement will subject you to less draft and cold than an entire winter with bad windows. Once the new windows are in place, you’ll begin saving on your energy bills immediately.  The important thing to remember is to work with a reputable, licensed replacement window installation company so you know your winter installation will go smoothly. The last thing you want is to deal with a fly-by-night contractor who will leave you hanging in the middle of a Pittsburgh cold snap.

Another bonus to choosing a winter window installation is contractor availability. If you choose to replace your windows in warmer months, you may find you have to wait for installers to fit you in. Fewer homeowners choose winter installation, which means you won’t have to wait to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Don’t suffer another Pittsburgh winter with old, drafty windows. Start saving on your energy bills today. Contact the team at Legacy Remodeling to choose your replacement windows to keep your family warm and cozy through the cold months.