bathroom-mistakes-to-avoidWhen you’re designing a new bathroom, it’s important to think through the different elements of your plan to be sure that they all work together.

This process can be a lot easier said than done. It’s easy to forget an element, or try to do too much at once. Here are common mistakes that you can try to avoid when as you plan your bathroom remodeling project.

Haphazard Window Placement

Natural light and beautiful windows are a great way to make your bathroom feel luxurious and peaceful. However, window placement is not foolproof. Bad design can completely compromise the feel and functionality of the entire room. Talking to a designer can help you select the right placement for new windows to that you can let in natural light without compromising privacy or ending up with a window in a closed-off space.

Making the “Throne” the Focal Point

The toilet may be known as the porcelain throne, but it definitely should not be the king of the bathroom design. It should fit in with the rest of the space. Furthermore, when the door to the bathroom is open, you don’t want the toilet in plain view.

Neglecting Storage Space

It’s common to get excited about the shower, sink, new windows, and design details when you’re planning a bathroom remodel or new design project. In that excitement, don’t forget about where you’re going to put all the things that actually go in your bathroom. Lack of storage space is one of the biggest complaints of homeowners. Custom built-ins are a great way to keep your bathroom design unique, yet practical.

Choppy Flow

When you design your bathroom, make sure the flow of the room makes sense. An open concept floor plan is a major trend, but you also want to create a natural flow within the space. For example, placing a sink far away from the toilet, or completely separate from it, wouldn’t make much sense. You also want privacy in your bathroom, but having big walls dividing each section would make each space feel closed-off like a cubicle or cubby.

Doing It Alone

There are a lot of intricacies when it comes to the bathroom. In any remodeling or design venture, it can be tempting to find as many DIY projects as possible to cut costs. While it’s inspiring and perfectly acceptable to get your hands dirty, avoid cutting corners and hire professionals to make sure you get the work done correctly, and safely, the first time. Remember, a bathroom design includes plumbing, electrical, construction, flow, organization, aesthetics, and finishes and there are always unforeseen issues that pop up during a project. If you want to avoid bathroom remodeling disasters, leave the work to professionals.

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project in Pittsburgh and you’re looking for top-tier design and construction, contact the team at Legacy Remolding today.  We will help you design the bathroom of your dreams while perfectly marrying form as well as function.