pittsburgh-replacement-windowsPittsburgh homeowners know when their windows have reached the end of the proverbial road. Our winters can be tough here and our summers can be rainy. Drafts, water leaks, condensation and a general sense of dissatisfaction tell you it’s time to start shopping for replacement windows.

But how do you choose the best type of replacement windows for your Pittsburgh home? The options can be overwhelming and the investment can be significant. When choosing replacement windows, you want to select a product based on energy efficiency as well as aesthetic design.

Replacement Windows: the Basics

Quality replacement windows should meet the following criteria:
  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Simple maintenance
  • Secure
  • Glare reduction qualities
  • Noise reduction capabilities
Your budget will play a significant role in the types of windows you choose. If your funds are limited, you may have to trade one feature for another, however, you should also remember that replacement windows are an investment in your home value, and they will save you energy costs over time. Work closely with a Pittsburgh replacement window professional to help you choose the right features for your budget.

Vinyl Windows: An All-Around Winner

Vinyl is the most common material for replacement windows. They are easy to install and are typically budget-friendly. One of the biggest benefits of vinyl windows is durability. They will not crack, fade or peel. However, they cannot be painted and if you decide to replace your windows slowly over time, you may end up with windows that don’t quite match up in appearance.

The good news is that vinyl windows have come a long way over the last decade. They come in a variety of exterior colors and interior finishes to match your aesthetic both inside and out. Vinyl windows are excellent noise reducers, especially when the windows are comprised of triple-pane glass. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Wood Windows: When Insulation (And History) Matter

Wood is a natural insulator that can help you regulate the temperature of your home better than any other material. However, they do cost more than vinyl windows. If you live in an area of Pittsburgh that is a registered historic district, you may have to choose wood windows by law. In that case, many homeowners opt to replace their windows a few rooms at a time. Since wood can be painted or stained, they will always match.

Though wood does deteriorate over time, windows are extremely durable when they are properly treated. They require more maintenance than vinyl, but if you treat your windows properly and stay on top of the maintenance, they will last a long time.

Composite Windows: the Best of All Worlds

Composite windows are made up of several different types of materials. They can look like vinyl or wood in appearance, but they are a completely unique material.  You can tell you’re looking at composite windows by the name of the particular window. They will often include the word “fiber.” Wood fibers give the window the strength of wood and the rest of the materials offer the durability of vinyl. Composites can be found in mid-to-upper price ranges when shopping for replacement windows.

Which Type of Replacement Windows Are Best for Your Pittsburgh Home?

The answer to the question will depend upon the age of your home, your goals for replacing your windows and your budget. The best way to choose windows that will stand up to the seasonal challenges we face in Pittsburgh is to work with a professional team that can help you weigh your personal preferences against your needs and your budget.

If you’re ready to replace your old, drafty windows, but you’ve still got questions or concerns about what type of replacement windows to purchase, the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh is here to help.  We can walk you through the process, helping you choose the right materials, products and installation for your home and your wallet.