window-replacement-not-diyReplacement windows are a huge investment in a home’s value and comfort. However, many homeowners think they can cut the cost of new widow installation by doing the project themselves.

DIY projects can be fun and exciting, but they can also be disastrous if you don’t know what you are doing. Certain home improvement projects are better left to professionals, and a window installation is one of those projects. Here are some reasons why you might want to rethink a DIY window replacement.

One Small Mistake Can Lead To A Very Expensive Fix

The whole idea of a DIY project is to save a little money. However, if you have to pay someone to fix a mistake, you’ll end up paying twice. When it comes to window replacement, measurements are everything. Even if you measure twice, odds are you can still end up with results that are fractions of a centimeter off. Those fractions lead to one major problem: the window will not fit securely and it will be vulnerable to water penetration and cold air.   Professional window installers are well-trained in proper window measurement to ensure a snug fit every time.

Do You Know How To Caulk Like a Pro?

Caulking new windows is part art, part science. In order to ensure that a replacement window is properly insulated and caulked, you’ve got to know what you’re doing.

A half-baked caulking job will lead to drafts, negating the purpose of replacing your windows in the first place. Professional replacement window installers know which materials to use and the methods to employ to guarantee your windows are properly caulked and insulated.

Windows Need Room to Move

A snug fit is essential, but do you know how to account for the inevitable expansion and contraction that windows experience throughout the seasons? Do you know how to account for variables like your home’s exterior materials and the window frame material?

If you don’t leave enough room, you’ll run into big problems. If you leave too much room, you’ll let the cold air in all winter.  Professionals know how to calculate for these variables to ensure the window can expand and contract without causing problems.

Window Replacement Requires Specialized Tools

The average homeowner doesn’t have the tools necessary to conduct a proper window replacement on their own.

Yes, you can rent tools, but there is no guarantee that your local hardware rental will have the tools you need, or that you can properly and safely operate those tools when you get them home. Renting tools also adds a significant budget line item to the cost of the project.

Do You Know the Trust Cost of DIY Window Replacement?

Quality replacement windows can cost $300 to $700 per window, or more.

Doing the work yourself can save you when it comes to labor costs, but it can take homeowners a lot longer to do the work correctly, and one mistake can derail the entire project. If you are not well-versed in the art of window replacement, it is usually a much better idea to call a professional and spend the money on the labor up front, so that you can get your new windows installed quickly and properly, and without the inevitable headaches and frustration that can come with a DIY project.

If you’re ready to install replacement windows, but you’ve still got questions or concerns, don’t do it yourself. Contact the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh. Our professional window installers can ensure your project is done correctly the first time, to help you add value to your home and save money on your energy bills.