pittsburgh-kitchen-remodeling-wishlistThere is an old adages that says, “Begin with the end in mind.”

This should be your mantra when embarking on a kitchen remodel. If you want to end with a finished product you love, you’ve got to kick off that project on the right foot. And that beings with a kitchen remodeling wish list.

Your wish list will help guide you through the early stages of the remodeling process, and will help keep you focused throughout.

Put Together a “Look Book”

You’ve probably been looking through home design magazines and websites for months, if not years.  You’ve seen things you like—and things you don’t like—in new kitchens.

Take the time to put together a look book for your kitchen. You can do this very simply on websites like Pinterest, which will give you a shareable link to show your designer. If you prefer an actual book, purchase a three-ring binder and plastic sheet protectors. Cut out magazine photos and print out designs you see online.

Clearly State Your Goal

As you put together your look book, keep your goal in mind.

What is the main reason you want to take on a kitchen remodel? Is it to up the resale value of your home? Create more space for entertaining? Update an old kitchen?

Write down your goal in a single sentence and share it with your designer when the time comes to start planning your new kitchen.

Define Your Budget

Look through your collected design ideas. Be realistic about the choices you want to make for your kitchen. Then, sit down with your budget and determine what you can handle.

If you are paying cash, you don’t want to deplete your entire life’s savings on a kitchen. If you’re financing, you don’t want to choose a loan with awful terms or monthly payments that will stretch you thin.  A lot of homeowners use a hybrid approach—part cash, part credit.

Whatever you do, make sure you and your spouse are comfortable with the number you settle on, and make an unbreakable pact that both of you will stick to that number.

Create the Actual Wish List

Here is where you’re going to have to start making decisions.

Make a grand wish list of everything you want. Then get realistic. Can your budget get you everything you want? Go back through the list and determine which things are negotiable and which items you can let go of in order to maintain your budget.

Don’t worry about the actual costs right now, just determine which items are truly must-haves and which you can live without.  Later on, your designer will work with this prioritized list to help you make the right spending choices.

Consult with a Designer

Once you’ve got your look book, your goal, your budget and your prioritized wish list ready to go, you can sit down with a designer to begin planning the work. With all of these items in hand, your designer will have a much easier time putting together a plan for your new kitchen that meets your needs and your goals.

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, homeowners have an endless array of options. That’s why it is important to make a wish list and use that wish list as you work closely with a kitchen designer. Together you can plan a remodel that hits your must-haves and maintains your budget. If you are looking for a partner for your kitchen remodeling project, contact the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today.