bathroom-remodeling-ideasA beautiful master suite is an attraction to potential home buyer and it can be the personal oasis you’ve been craving.

There are many ways to customize the master bathroom to add value to home and your comfort to your days. In fact, there are so many ways, that many homeowners don’t know where to begin.

A master bathroom remodel can take on many different forms. From new construction to aesthetic updates, here are 10 amazing master bathroom remodeling ideas that will get you excited to get to work:

Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Tile is trending, but not just on the floor. Some of the most beautiful master bathroom remodeling ideas we’ve seen have utilized tile as a major design component. You can add more style to your tiling by using different textures, adding patterns, and matching colors throughout the master bath.

Open Floor Plan

Create an open master suite makes your entire space feel larger. You can use hideaway or farmhouse-style sliding barn doors to incorporate privacy when desired. Both options will save space and add unique style to your custom suite.

Bring in Natural Light

Add new windows to your master bathroom remodel list of must-haves. You can choose from smaller windows, windows that are closer to ceiling, or even a large window that incorporates outdoor landscaping to provide privacy. Either way, the addition of windows and natural light will help your master bath feel bigger, more luxurious, and even a more peaceful.

Custom Built-Ins

When you plan your remodeling project, consider adding built-ins to your master bathroom. They will not only make the space more usable for you, but they will also add value to your home. The best thing about built-ins is that there are no rules! You can be as creative as you and your designer want to be. Whether you build a bigger vanity, a linen closet, or shelving around the shower or tub, you’re adding functionality to the master bath while getting a major design upgrade as well.

Open & Versatile Shower

Walk-in showers have come a long way and aren’t just for the exotic or spacious resorts. An open shower in your master bathroom can be versatile and fit any theme or style you have. While you update your shower, consider replacing and even multiplying your shower fixtures. Overhead nozzles are luxurious and detachable sprayers are functional and allow anyone to shower in comfort.

Take a Seat

Creating a larger vanity space is one of the most popular contemporary master bathroom remodeling ideas. When you’re designing that area of your master bath, consider adding an open counter space with space for a chair. You’ll be able to relax while you get ready. When remodeling your vanity and sink, make sure you have plenty of accessible outlets.

Separate Space

Open space is great, but you can also create privacy by separating certain areas of your master bathroom. You can keep the toilet away from other areas like the bath, shower, and vanity but still maintain a nice flow to the space. This will also allow more than one person to be in the master bathroom at a time – a luxury in itself!

Make a Theme

Like many areas of your house, the master bathroom can have a theme. Whether you want it to feel like the beach or a spa retreat, your imagination is the only limitation. From custom building to cosmetic finishing touches, there are a lot of ways to tie everything together.

Freestanding Tub

There aren’t many things that look more calming and luxurious than a freestanding bathtub, inviting you in for a relaxing bubble bath. To add extra character and high-end coordination, keep your design inspiration cohesive between the tile and bathtub style.
The best thing about a master bathroom remodel is there are no rules! But the endless sea of possibilities can leave many people overwhelmed. That is why it is so important to work with a bathroom designer. Together you can choose elements that will provide the oasis you want while adding real value to your home. If you are looking for even more master bathroom remodeling ideas, contact the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today.