A_Few_Ideas_for_Your_Next_Galley_Kitchen_Remodeling_ProjectGalley kitchens get their names from the kitchens of ships. They are small, but they are also designed for efficiency.

A single narrow passageway is the hallmark of a galley kitchen, with counters and cabinets lining the walls on either side.  While the trend in recent years has been to create sprawling kitchens, those designs are not always practical in older, urban homes or condos.

If you are ready for a change but find yourself limited by space, here are a few tips, tricks and ideas for your next galley kitchen remodeling project.

Create the Illusion of Depth

When installing hardwood or laminate flooring, be sure that the boards run lengthwise, helping to create the illusion of a longer room. Then, install backsplash in the opposite direction to create the illusion of depth. Consider raising the cabinets off the floor, as well. When bottom cabinets are flush with the floor, the room appears small.

Make Your Cabinets Work For You

The right cabinets can make or break a galley kitchen. Consider glass cabinet doors to create a more open feel. If you aren’t organized enough to display your dishes openly behind glass, choose a light color to brighten up the room, as deep shades can create a cavernous feel. No matter what type of cabinets you choose, make sure they are as simple and unadorned as possible. Clean lines help create the illusion of space.

Keep A Practical Amount of Aisle Space

This Old House recommends four to six feet width in a galley kitchen aisle. This gives you and other members of the household room to move around somewhat comfortably. Keep the sink and refrigerator on the same wall, and place the range on the opposite wall to maximize efficiency.

Open the Room Without Knocking Down a Wall

Consider building a pass-through window if one of the walls is adjacent to the living or dining area. This will allow you to create a small breakfast bar and will open up the kitchen without cutting into much-needed wall space for cabinets or shelving.

Opt For Smart Storage

Organization and storage space is essential in a galley kitchen. There are many creative ways to maximize the space with unique organizational features and “hidden” cabinets. Whenever possible, take advantage of solutions like this in a small kitchen space.

Consider Hiding Your Appliances

Hiding appliances behind cabinets or selecting paneling that matches the cabinets will create the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.  Techniques like this will keep the lines in the room clean and helps eliminate the appearance of clutter.

Partner with a Designer

To truly get the most from your galley kitchen remodel, partner with a professional designer who can help you take advantage of all of the practical ways to maximize space and efficiency while maintaining aesthetic quality. If you are ready to update your old galley kitchen, contact the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today.