The_4-Phase_Kitchen_Remodeling_GuideA kitchen remodeling project is a big deal, and homeowners should approach it slowly and methodically. After all, who hasn’t heard horror stories of kitchen remodels gone wrong? Most kitchen renovation mistakes are made by well-meaning families who simply moved too quickly or failed to cover their bases before taking a sledge hammer to the countertops. Follow this guide to ensure that the process moves as smoothly as possible.

One: Finding the Best Professionals

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and a kitchen remodeling project can be a lot like major surgery.  One mistake can be extremely costly. Choosing the right professionals is an essential step to a smooth renovation. Whether starting a search online or working through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, homeowners should always meet with potential kitchen designers in person. That meeting should involve a discussion of the homeowner’s goals and hopes for their new kitchen, and they should ask lots of questions to assess the professional’s experience and qualifications. Always ask for and follow up on references, and ask to see examples of past work. Kitchen remolding projects are serious business. They require a significant investment of money and resources, and the more research and legwork put in before a project begins, the better.

Two: Planning the Smartest Layout

What is the most important feature of any kitchen? Its layout.  It needs to provide the right amount of space for things like food preparation, movement, eating, gathering, socializing, etc.  Homeowners should work closely with their kitchen designer to ensure that they express their personal priorities before any plans are drawn up. It might be easy to achieve those goals within the existing space, but in many cases kitchen remodels require walls to come down or other dramatic actions. Together, the designer and the homeowner can choose a layout that is functional and attractive that also meets the stated budget for the project.

Three: Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Kitchen remodeling projects are an investment in a home’s value, and that investment is typically quite significant. Saving money is important to most homeowners, but savings that are realized by cutting corners can hurt you in the long run.  Who hasn’t heard horror stories of a kitchen remodel gone horribly wrong? Instead of choosing cheap materials or a cheap contractor, look for smart, strategic ways to save across various aspects of the project.

New appliances can be extremely expensive. Do you really need all of the bells and whistles? Have you conducted comparison shopping exercises to find the absolute best prices?  Homeowners can easily save hundreds of dollars when they shop smart for appliances.

If you are planning on moving in a few years, it might not be worth it to pay a premium for custom cabinetry. While you’ll end up with a look you personally love, over-customizing can make a home difficult to sell. Homeowners can also save money on countertops by strategically mixing textures and materials.  Granite is beautiful, but significant savings can be realized when it is mixed with laminate or ceramic tile. Consider granite on a center island, with tile or laminate for the other counter surfaces.

Four: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Kitchen remodeling projects can be harrowing, but there are some common mistakes that homeowners can (and should) avoid, such as:
  • Acting as your own general contractor
  • Not researching contractors thoroughly
  • Paying for the work up front
  • Using cheap material to save money
  • Forgetting to prioritize storage space and organizational features
  • Adding too many features or features that just don’t fit
Fortunately, all of these mistakes can be avoided by working with a reputable, fully vetted design team that will take the time to design, plan, and construct a kitchen that meets the needs of the homeowner and keeps the budget in mind.

Transforming a dated, cramped kitchen into the focal point of a home is always an exciting prospect, but when it comes to a kitchen remodeling project, the cost of a single mistake can be extremely high. In order to end up with the kitchen of your dreams, it is best to work with professionals who can help you plan the work and work the plan. If you are ready to renovate your kitchen, contact the team at Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today.