5_Home_Remodeling_Projects_to_Tackle_in_the_SummerSummer is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors, but it is also the ideal time to tackle some home remodeling projects that will increase the beauty, value and energy-efficiency of your home. If you are looking for some ideas for your house, here are five projects that are best taken on in warmer months:

Add on a Deck or Porch

Outdoor space not only adds more living area, but also enhances enjoyment of your home. Decks and porches are places to gather with family and friends to eat, drink and socialize, or just spend time enjoying a pleasant summer evening. Decks and porches also add instant value to a home. Tackling a deck remodeling project early in the summer can ensure you have time to enjoy your new outdoor space before the temperatures drop again.

Remodel Your Kitchen

According to Cost vs. Value reports, homeowners can realize anywhere from a 74 to an 80 percent net return on investment from a kitchen remodel. Updating a kitchen is no small undertaking, but the results are always stunning. Summer is an ideal time to overhaul a kitchen, since the family spends more time outdoors, and there is likely easy access to a grill for cooking while the oven is out of commission.

Install Replacement Windows

Old, drafty, single-pane windows can ruin your winter – and your monthly budget. Energy Star claims windows that carry its rating can save homeowners up to $500 per year in cooling and heating costs, and new windows instantly add value to the home. Mid-to late summer is an excellent time to install energy efficient replacement windows. You do not want to wait until winter, as the cold weather can negatively impact an installation.

Refresh Your Siding

Siding protects a home from the harsh outdoor elements, and a weather-worn exterior can make your home look older than its years. Replacing your siding in the summer can instantly boost the curb appeal and the value of your home. According to a recent Cost vs. Value Report, siding replacement can provide an 80 percent return on investment in terms of resale value.  It is also an affordable way to give your home an entirely new look.

Replace Your Roof

Installing a new roof can increase property value and help reduce energy costs. A new roof is also far more cost-efficient than getting caught in an annual cycle of patching a leaky or structure over and over again.  When selecting a new roof, consider choosing coatings and finishes which will help resist the elements and reflect sunlight away from the house.

Summer is the ideal time to tackle home remodeling projects that will improve the look, the feel, and the value of your home. If you have been considering any of these types of renovations, contact Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today. We can help you fall back in love with your home this summer.