3_Pitfalls_to_Avoid_When_Purchasing_New_WindowsAs silly as it may seem, the window replacement side of the home remodeling industry is often surrounded in mystery.

From selecting from an abundance of options (all with countless features and specifications) to selecting a professional to install them, getting new windows can be overwhelming at times. This might have you wondering, "How should I even approach this process?"

There are three primary pitfalls when it comes to replacement windows that you need to steer clear of. If you can avoid them then your process will be smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.

Here's what to watch out for:

Not Understanding How Your Replacement Windows Will Be Installed

Seems like a no brainer, right? This top-level detail is often overlooked.

When evaluating professionals to install your windows, be sure to fully understand their method. This extremely important because window installation can interrupt daily activities and/or cause modifications to your home's exterior structure.

Every installer brings a different approach to the table, so make it a point to hear it before you buy it. Do so by asking the right questions:

  • What, exactly, is your process?
  • Are you licensed installers?
  • Who will be installing my windows? Your direct staff, subcontractors? Do they all have insurance/licenses and how long have they been working for you?
  • Do I need a permit for this?
  • What happens if the installation goes wrong?

Repeating Past Mistakes

Going the familiar route is always the easiest. It's easy to order the same window you've had installed for years.

The problem with this is simple—your window style might be outdated. Window technology is always improving to increase your home's efficiency.

The other issue is that by choosing the same window type, you may be walking into the same issues once again. Yes, technology is improving, but in some cases the cause of your problems is that you've simply made the wrong choice for your situation.

Do you due diligence and research what exists out there today. Understand the benefits of each type, compare those to your needs and ultimately see if there is room for improvement.

By selecting the right window, you can cut energy loss in your home by 50 percent. That's a significant gain from making the right choice.

Letting Price Dominate Selection

The price tag on new windows can be substantial, which intimidates home owners into delaying their replacement process or abandoning it altogether.

Remember one thing—you may only purchase new windows once or twice in a lifetime. A window isn't a regularly recurring item that you have to face. It isn't like groceries—its an investment in so many areas of your home, so make sure you make a good choice.

It's fair to say that with windows, you truly get what you pay for.