10_Common_Misconceptions_About_Kitchen_RemodelingSay the word “kitchen remodel” at a party and you’ll likely spend the next two hours listening to a mix of kitchen remodeling dreams and nightmares.  When it comes to remodeling, everyone has an opinion, and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Any home renovation project requires careful consideration, so here are ten common misconceptions and their corresponding truths to help you make the right choice for your family and your home value.

One: Kitchen Remodeling is Too Expensive

While remodeling is always a big expense, it’s all about choosing the right products for your budget. There are plenty of appliances, cabinets and countertop that look like a million bucks but won’t break the bank.

Two: Cutting Corners is Necessary to Stay on Budget

A recent poll by Kitchen Remodelers 360 reveals an interesting fact. Almost 50 percent of homeowners said they wished they’d spent more money on their kitchen remodeling project. Sticker shock can often lead people to cut corners here or there, but you’ve got to live with your kitchen for years to come. Focus on function, look for quality, well-priced options, and work with a designer you trust to get the most for your money.

Three: Kitchen Remodels Take Forever

One of the biggest reasons homeowners complain about their kitchen remodeling projects is time, but renovations only drag on when planning is lax. Always work with a reputable remodeling firm to ensure that the coordination goes smoothly, and never try to manage the project on your own.

Four: I Can Add on Extras At Any Time

In an effort to save money, some homeowners think that they can just add on extras like a built-in microwave or an island at a later date. While you may be able to live without the extras for now, waiting until later can be a disaster. Appliance, cabinet and counter models are always changing, and continuity could be an issue down the line.

Five: Bigger is Always Better

You may dream of hosting large dinner parties in your kitchen, and perhaps you will. But do you really want to trek back and forth from appliance to appliance when you’re just whipping up diner for yourself or your family?  Maximize the space you have and always choose quality over quantity when remodeling a kitchen.

Six: I Don’t Need a Designer

Designing a kitchen by yourself might be fun, but do you know how to inspect your ceiling? Do you know the logistics of moving plumbing around? Where does the ductwork run? If you discover after construction has started that you misjudged your space or you need to rip out pluming, your budget will skyrocket. Designers put in all of the front-end work and can provide you with options to help you get the new kitchen you dream of, without the extra “surprises.”

Seven: We Can Make it Fit!

If an island will eat up your entire kitchen, don’t try to shove one in. You must always consider your space when choosing new features for your kitchen. You want to be able to have plenty of room to cook, move around, and open and close your appliances.

Eight: Extra Counter Space is a Waste of Money

Have you ever heard anyone complain that they have too much counter space? Quite the contrary. Some homeowners attempt to save money by reducing “unused” counter space, but skimping on that space will come back to bite you the first time you try to cook dinner for four. Be realistic about the space you need.

Nine: Crown Molding is an Unnecessary Expense

Crown molding across the top of cabinets can make all the difference in a new kitchen. Cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling collect dust and beak up the flow of the eye across the room. Crown molding ties the room together, creates a rich feel, and gives you one less space you have to worry about dusting throughout the year.

Ten: All Contractors are Scam Artists

As a homeowner, choosing a contractor can be a fighting prospect. A few bad apples have spoiled the bunch for everyone. Not all contractors are scammers, but there are some who are less than ethical. In order to avoid the ne’er-do-wells, work with a design firm. They have vetted their contractors thoroughly and will assign them to you based upon their strengths.

If you’re ready to talk about remodeling your kitchen, but you’ve still got questions or concerns, the team at Legacy Remodeling is here to help. We can walk you through our processes and show you how we deliver kitchen remodeling projects that can help our customers achieve the kitchen of their dreams. Contact us today to start the conversation