Repair_or_Replace_Old_Windows_A_Professionals_AnalysisYour once reliable windows have started to capture your attention for all the wrong reasons.

The wood is rotting. Cracks are starting to form on the framing. Air is pouring through the edges. Every time you try to open it to feel a cool breeze you are required to perform a remarkable feat of strength.

These are problems that need to be fixed.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Old Windows?

There are benefits to both repair and replacement. For example, simply repairing your windows can be a cheap and efficient way to get better performance out of your window. If you are only having problems with one or two windows, it is probably better to pay a small repair fee rather than replace every window in your home.

If you notice that the problems are widespread and are starting to affect more than one part of the window, replacement is probably a better route to take.

Repair is a shorter term fix that can extend the life of your window by a couple years, while replacement will ensure that you won’t have issues for a longer period of time. Here are a couple of benefits that come from deciding to replace your windows instead of a simple repair.

Replacement Windows = Lower Bills

Although replacing your windows requires a significant investment up front, a lot of that money finds its way back to you. New windows are getting increasingly more efficient, and depending on the window you choose, you can notice a significant improvement when it comes to your energy bill. This is a benefit you won’t get with a repair. If you repair an old window, you won’t get better performance unless you’re upgrading your window pane.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Replacement windows provide a fresh look that allows you to do more with the style of your windows. Significant value can come in increasing the curb appeal of your home. There is no doubt replacement windows improve the look of your home.

Improving the look of your home will also have a positive impact on the listing price of your home and provides another way to receive a return on investing in new windows when you sell your home.

If curb appeal isn’t that important to you, the view will be improved from the inside of the home too! Inside and out, your replacement windows will look great.

Better Insulation

One of the better reasons to go with replacement windows is because your current set of windows has either lost insulation quality or has inefficient insulation properties.

Newer windows are getting increasingly better when it comes to insulation. If this is a priority for you, compare some of the ratings on newer windows to your current set to see what difference it could make in the long run.

Better insulation helps with energy bills, but it also helps you improve the climate in your home, making it an enjoyable environment.

If your windows aren’t performing to the level you need them to, look into window replacement today to see how you can find the window that will.