Single_vs._Double-Hung_WindowsReplacement windows come in a variety of styles. The options are seemingly endless. With minor variations and alterations, you have never had more control over the customization for a window solution that fits your home perfectly.

Despite the abundance of options, the two most popular options are the ones that have been most widely used for centuries.

Single vs. Double-hung windows

A quick survey of your neighbors’ homes will most likely reveal a heavy concentration of these two types of windows. When they get replaced, they will likely be replaced with updated versions of these two types of windows.

Since these two options are common choices, we’ve provided some detailed information on the benefits of each model. Hopefully, this breakdown will help you settle on a winner in this classic battle of single vs. double-hung windows.



Single-hung windows are a standard window that has a top sash that remains fixed in place and a bottom sash that can slide up and down.


With a double-hung window both top and bottom sashes move up and down. Additionally, they also tilt in so that the outside of the pane is accessible to clean from one side of the window.

Both types of windows have advantages and contrary to popular belief, the double-hung are not twice as good as the single-hung. Here’s a brief overview of some advantages each window type offers.

Advantages of Double-Hung


Since both the top and the bottom sash are operable you have the ability and control to maximize airflow, temperature and prevent high levels of moisture or other ill effects from the weather. With the ability to not only move both sashes, but also tilt, you have more options to create the most comfortable environment no matter what is happening outside.

Easy to Clean

As we mentioned previously. Both panes of glass are accessible from the comfort of the inside of your home. This makes cleaning convenient and efficient, especially as you move from the ground floor up.

Customization Double-hung windows have more features which provide you with more design options. If you have an aesthetic vision to have your windows complement the look and feel of your home, double-hung windows will give you more options to fit your vision.

Advantages of Single-Hung

Price Point

Single-hung windows are more cost efficient options than their double-hung counterparts, especially when you are first buying replacement windows. Depending on the model, you can save 10%-25% PER WINDOW when going with single-hung windows. If you have a lot of windows to replace, those savings can add up quickly. If your budget is the most important factor in determining a winner between single vs. double-hung windows, single is the way to go.

Standard Options

Some people prefer to have as many options as possible. Others interpret simplicity as elegance. Single-hung windows have fewer options which make it simpler for you to decide what you like and want. It also translates to lower replacement costs when something breaks or is damaged.

Which One Works for You?

There is a reason the single vs. double-hung windows debate has captured people’s attention, it’s because they’re both great options. Deciding on one over the other really comes down to preference, style and what you’re willing to spend on replacement windows.

If you are more adventurous and want to go deeper than the single vs. double-hung debate, check out our free eBook on Inside Tips for Purchasing Replacement Windows!