3_Lies_Pittsburgh_Window_Companies_Will_Tell_YouAt the basis of every purchasing decision you are searching for two things—credibility and trust. If you value what a company claims they can provide and you trust them to deliver those results, more often than not, you will reward that company with your business.

The problem is some companies are unable or unwilling to build credibility and trust over years of quality service and instead search for shortcuts to attract customers.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

Some salesmen will tell you anything to get your signature. Whether it’s blatant lies or small promises that are never delivered, you are the one who ends up paying the price.

The best way to protect yourself is to educate yourself. Research companies, find credible reviews, and figure out which companies have satisfied their customers and have the track record to prove it.

Then put yourself in the shoes of a salesman. By understanding how window companies will be less than honest, you will be able to decide if a company deserves your business.

Here are three common areas that window companies will be dishonest about.

Subcontracting Installment

Something that is very important to understand is that several companies are only window providers and subcontract out the installment process. If the subcontractor is reliable and does his job well, this isn’t an issue. However, because there isn’t a strong tie between the two companies, neither one has very much loyalty or incentive to follow through on any promises that might have been made.

In a worst case scenario, the subcontractor might not even be properly qualified or licensed for window installation. This can result in improperly installed windows, damage to frames and surrounding areas, and code violations.

Whenever you purchase a set of windows, make sure you know exactly who will be handling installation.

Verbal Promises

During the negotiation process you may be delighted that a salesman makes an important concession or throws in a great perk. Get it in writing. What we all know and some companies take advantage of is talk is cheap. You can’t expect to get something just because it was promised to you. If you want to make sure it happens, get it in the written agreement.

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Replacing old windows with new models can provide you with noticeable savings on your energy bills. With the ability to save money and the growing popularity of energy efficiency, these are two examples of buzzwords that will be used vaguely to make a product seem more appealing.

Ask for specific numbers. Ask how that window compares with alternative options. Ask if those numbers are specific to the Pittsburgh climate.

Everybody wants to save money on their monthly bills and be conscious about saving energy. Don’t let someone take advantage of those facts to sell you a product that won’t meet those expectations.

When it comes to buying new windows, you have the power. Don’t let a few fast words and a false smile take you in. Do your research and when you make a deal it will be one that you trust and can be comfortable with.