3_Ways_to_Tell_Its_Time_for_New_WindowsYou know immediately when you need to replace a refrigerator, or a washing machine, but when it comes to windows, the telltale signs of inefficient performance can be a little more subtle.

The decline is slow and gradual and can easily be missed if you don’t know what to look for. This is why people often ask us how they should know when it is time to replace their old windows.

That is a big question. A definitive answer requires a thorough understanding of factors ranging from your future plans to your financial situation. This makes giving a blanket statement of “you should replace your windows when certain events occur” difficult.

So instead, we’ve decided to outline three common items you can notice that will indicate it's time to start thinking about replacing your windows.

Your Windows Are Difficult to Open and Close

A new window seamlessly open and closes. The action is so effortless and provides so little resistance that you don’t even make a conscious note of it. With the proper maintenance and cleaning, you can improve the length of time that your windows open and close with ease. Remembering to take care of your windows will improve their ability to function over time. However, there will come a time when you begin to notice additional force is required to simply lift your window open.

When your window requires impressive feats of strength just to feel a cool spring breeze it's a telltale sign that it has seen better days and is living on borrowed time.

Your Window Is Beginning to Crack

This is probably the most apparent sign.

A physical breakdown in appearance is also a good indication that it is time to upgrade your window situation. Scars may build character, but a crack in your window pane does not have the same endearing qualities.

Any physical damage in a window is a clear sign that you need to acquire a replacement. In addition to detracting from the aesthetic properties, that window is probably doing a poor job insulating your home. Taking care of the problem immediately and replacing the window is your best course of action.

You Can Feel Air Leaking Through or Around Your Window

This is less subtle than a cracked window and might not draw your attention right away.

If you can feel air leaking through or around your window, however, this is a dead ringer that it's time for a replacement. Air coming through the window will make it more difficult to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The extra energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature will take away money that would be better spent replacing your windows. New windows will add value to your home and reduce energy output.

An intelligent fix for this problem is a full-frame window replacement. Full-frame replacement windows are a more dramatic way of improving a home’s energy efficiency, maintaining its integrity, and preserving the clean, finished look of original windows.

Looking at these three aspects of your window will give you an idea of how seriously you should be thinking about new windows.

If you notice that these examples are true for some or all of your windows, replacing them should be an immediate priority.