5_Things_to_Look_for_in_a_Pittsburgh_Window_CompanyThe first step to replacing your old windows is to find the right company to work with. If this is the first home you’ve ever owned or have never replaced windows before, that first step might not be so simple.

After all, when it comes to new experiences, you often don’t know the things you don’t know.

In order to do that, the key is to not overcomplicate or over simplify your criteria for what you want in a company. We have established five core items you should be able to checkmark before giving a company your business.

Business Presence

The first thing you should look for in a business is how visible they are. Do they have an office location or a storefront that you can visit? Do they have a website with examples of previous work and valuable information? Can you find reviews about them attesting to the quality of their work? There is a general correlation between the legitimacy of a company’s presence and the reliability of their performance.

This isn’t to say that small operations or individuals can’t or won’t do good work. But a company that invests time and resources to provide value to their customers in all areas can be relied upon to live up to your expectations.

Customer Service

The company you work with should have inscrutable levels of customer service. Every employee you interact with should treat you with the highest level of courtesy and respect. This is good business practice everywhere, but is especially important in window replacement and installment. Any activity that takes place in your home is a little more intimate than business you conduct elsewhere. If you’re not thrilled with the customer service, take your business elsewhere.

Knowledge and Experience

Simply put, you should work with someone who knows their stuff. If someone is pushing a window on you but can’t explain why it’s a good fit for your home or how it compares to alternative options, they’re probably just trying to meet a sales quota. A company that is trying to help you make the best decision will present you with all the information you need, clearly and concisely.

Most companies will even offer to visit your home free of charge to assess your conditions and make an informed suggestion for your best course of action.

Installation Expertise

Choosing new windows is only half the battle. Make sure the company you select is also capable of proper installation. This includes everything from anchoring to insulation and sealing. All the benefits of new windows can be undone by improper installation. It may seem like a silly thing to look into, but it would be unfortunate to waste money by going with a company that could not deliver proper installation.

Get Multiple Estimates

Getting multiple estimates can be a little bit of a hassle, but especially when it comes to window replacement it is relatively easy to do and most companies will do them for free. When it’s free there is nothing to lose and will give you a little better feel about how the different companies operate.

Using these five tips, you should be able to find a great window company in your area that will make window replacement a walk in the park.