5_Steps_to_Kitchen_Renovation_SuccessWhat do you think of when you hear the word success?

A simple definition of success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. If your goal is a new kitchen, the first moment you swing a hammer during demolition results in a “new” kitchen. If your definition of success is a little more ambitious, then you are probably the type of person who is interested in taking definitive steps to ensure that your final product is what you envisioned when you started the project.

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a giant source of anxiety. Follow these five simple steps and your new kitchen will be a success.

1.) Visualize

There is a lot of reputable research out there extolling the virtues of positive thinking. Visualize your new kitchen to establish ideas, reveal features in the kitchen that you value, and determine what facets of your new kitchen are most important to you. This will help you think about what areas you would be willing to compromise on in the future and what improvements are simply non-negotiable.

2.) Budget Like a Champion

First steps are often the most important. Kitchen renovations are no different and that essential first step is creating and solidifying a budget that will allow you to make the desired changes at a price you can afford.

3.) Figure Out What You Want

If you’re at the point that you want to change your kitchen, you probably have at least some idea about what it currently lacks that you wish you had. Take your basic idea, brainstorm with social media sites like Houzz.com and Pinterest, and talk to a design team to work out the exact details. Your budget will guide your decisions about whether or not your dream kitchen is a possibility. With an understanding of what you want and what things cost, you can figure out how to get a kitchen you’ll be excited about for a price that won’t make you cry.

4.) Choose a Contractor You Trust

Know the questions to ask potential contractors to find a company that you’re comfortable working with. Your contractor is going to be working in your home for an extended period of time so you want someone who comes highly recommended and can be counted on to provide quality work. Don’t just automatically go with the lowest bid because there are many complications that could come up along the way. Just because a contractor starts with the lowest bid doesn’t mean that contractor would necessarily be the cheapest once the job is completed. Go with the contractor you like the best.

5.) Plan for the Unexpected

Build a small cushion into your budget for unexpected complications. Black mold, existing piping you find out isn’t up to code, work place accidents, these types of setbacks happen all the time. You just never know what’s going to happen when you start ripping up walls. Especially if your home is on the older side. Financially preparing for these occurrences will set you up to finish the project on budget, and if you get through it without incident you can come in under budget!

With these five steps you can remove the mystery from kitchen renovation and start to enjoy a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle and meets your family’s needs.

Now, that’s what I call success.