Maintaining the exterior of your home is important to improve its appearance and boost your curb appeal. Simple maintenance to sidings can prevent mold and other issues. Do existing sidings need maintenance? Here are some things to know about vinyl siding in Pittsburgh, wood siding, and fiber cement house siding.

Vinyl Siding

Keeping up vinyl siding hardly requires maintenance at all. Dirt can start to accumulate on the base of the vinyl siding, which needs to be removed with a strong power washer. If the vinyl siding begins to come loose, you need to secure it before a large windstorm hits. Loose artificial siding is vulnerable to weather issues, and it can leave your home exposed for pests to get inside. Vinyl siding is easy to work on, making it easy for homeowners that need to replace sections due to damage.

Wood Siding

If you have wood siding, you will need to learn how to maintain it every 4-6 years. Quality wood sidings require additional maintenance to prevent pests and the elements from damaging its structure. The sun, snow, and rain can be brutal on the wood siding. If the home starts to rot or ages, you may need to treat it frequently. Pressure washing should be done yearly to remove excess dirt from the home. Cracks and holes can lead to rot, mold, and problems with pests. Repairing the wood siding will require you to replace a section in some instances. Repair loose sheathing, replace rotted sections, and consider hiring professionals for large repairs to the sidings. Certain elements can cause the wood siding to age quickly. If you have overgrown trees that are hitting against the home, it can lead to future problems with sidings and the gutters.

Fiber Cement House Siding

Homes with fiber cement siding sometimes looks like wood siding in some cases as it does come in large sheets. To correctly maintain the fiber cement siding, you need to start with a pressure wash. This will remove dust and dirt from the fiber cement siding. If your fiber cement siding is starting to age, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the siding once it is clean. Use a paint sprayer to receive the best results. Fiber cement siding requires a yearly cleaning. If you notice the siding beginning to have dirt that is hard to remove, mix vinegar with water and gently scrub the siding with a sponge using this mixture. The vinegar helps to remove the dirt and cleans the surface of the siding to provide you with clean sidings.

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