If you think buying a home is stressful, remodeling one can be even more stressful. From neglecting prep work to under-budgeting for home remodeling services, there is always the possibility of something not turning out as you’d hoped, going over the projected deadline, or sailing over the budget if you encounter unexpected issues along the way. While proper preparation and planning can mitigate these possibilities, not foreseeing them can cost you even more.

Here are some of the common stress-inducting errors made during a custom home remodel, and steps on how to avoid them.

Going Cheap

To save money, people buy less expensive materials. However, cheap does not usually translate to quality. In fact, the end result of inferior materials for your home renovation might cost you more, since you will eventually need more expensive, higher-quality materials to replace them down the line. If you cannot afford doing a top-tier home renovation, it is best to wait until you can afford the best materials reasonably possible.

No Budget

You must have a budget in place; this gives you a financial guideline on what you can accomplish with your home remodeling. More than a third of remodelers don't set a budget for the work they want done. The result is the tendency to go beyond what homeowners can afford or come up short of what they wish to accomplish.

Using the Wrong Tools

Using the wrong tool can potentially ruin the tool, destroy the material you’re working with, or even hurt you or the people around you. Make sure that any tool you use to tackle remodeling work is meant to be used for the project you are working on.

Ignoring Lighting & Fixtures

Some homeowners do not factor in certain features that enhance their homes. For instance, some remodeling experts suggest that houses require a combination of the three types of lighting -- general, task, and accent lighting -- to achieve an optimal ambiance. These can change how wall color, art, and furniture looks in a room. Also watch out for the fixture sizes in each space. For example, full-size fixtures in a small bathroom would make it very crowded, so smaller features like low-profile toilets and narrow sinks are a more attractive way to use the space.

Going with the Trendy

It is tempting to pick fashionable styles and features for your remodel. However, trendy entails temporary. Rather, go with features that can last for years and years. As a result, you will always have a classic appeal in your home instead of being outdated after a short while.

No Preparation for the Unexpected

It's fundamental to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. It’s hard to tell what’s behind a wall before you tear it down. Remodeling work can take longer than expected, contractors might not be able to resolve problems immediately, new work might cost more than expected, or you might even decide to change the project’s direction once you see it coming together. Remodeling associations usually recommend setting aside a certain amount of money, typically 10% of projected remodeling costs, to account for mishaps or extra expenses.

Work with professional contractors to avoid problems commonly encountered on home remodeling projects. For more information about custom home remodeling in the Pittsburgh area, contact Legacy Remodeling.