Often there are several projects going on at once in a home remodel, and coordinating them correctly is important to achieve the best overall look and structural integrity by the end of the project. Because many elements of a home overlap and work together for insulation and protection against outside elements, prioritizing which to tackle first can be tricky.

Replacing Siding & Windows at the Same Time

The best way to replace siding and windows is at the same time, particularly for full frame window replacement. In this type of remodel, the old exterior home siding should come down, the old windows should come out, the new windows should be installed, and then the new siding should be installed. When a new full frame window system is installed, it’s sometimes necessary to remove some of the siding panels to allow full access to the window frame.  In doing so, the siding can be damaged so if the siding has already been replaced it may need to be repaired in the area of the window. The siding also has to be fitted and mounted around the windows. If the window dimensions change at all as a result of the new installation, this will require reworking the siding instead of doing it once on the first go.

Spreading Out Home Remodeling Projects

While ideally these projects are done together, for spacing out projects, it’s recommended to do the windows first if you are doing a full frame installation. Because of additional labor and the need for some replacement supplies, installing siding before windows generally incurs higher costs. When siding is removed, it frequently destroys the capping around windows. If you only replace the siding, you will likely have to also replace the capping around the existing windows. When you replace your windows later, you will have to replace the capping again, adding to the overall cost.

Installing New Replacement Windows

With replacement windows, changing out the windows or siding first isn’t an issue. Replacement windows are designed specifically to fit into existing window frames without disturbing interior or exterior trim, exterior home siding, or other surfaces. However, it’s best to work with a professional contractor who will provide custom sized windows instead of an off-the-shelf standard size replacement. Remodeling contractors will inspect the frames to ensure there are no signs of frame damage or rot and then measure the precise dimensions of the window for the best fit. Off-the-shelf options come in select sizes that may not fit well into the existing frame. Without a perfect fit, the frame, trim, siding, and flashing will have to be adjusted, increasing the cost of the project and the length of time before it’s completed.

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