After you’ve determined that you need new windows, there are two main routes to go: replacement windows or a full-frame replacement window system. Replacement windows fit inside the existing window frame and are designed to install easily, this is also sometimes referred to as a “pocket installation” because it goes into the pocket that is created in the frame of the old window when the sashes are removed. A full-frame replacement window removed the entire frame of the old windows and installs a new one. However, there are several considerations to take into account when deciding between the two.

Replacement Windows for Clean Replacement

Installing replacement windows is one of the most popular ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency. It requires minimal additional materials and installation time, and minimizes both the cost and the mess. This approach is also good for homes where the owner may want to preserve the original wood trim. Even with just this relatively simple improvement, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs. Additionally, vinyl and fiberglass windows are very low maintenance, so homeowners can benefit from their even greater value in terms of the costs and effort of upkeep.

Full-Frame Replacement Windows for Original Style

There are a number of advantages to full-frame replacement windows. This approach replaces the windows with something that is true to the architecture of the home. By replacing the entire frame, the full viewing area is preserved. Although modern replacement windows can have minimal frames, they still take up some of the original viewing area.  For this reason, full-frame window replacements will let in the most light and create the most expansive view. During a full-frame replacement, other problems, such as insect infestation, insufficient insulation and interior water damage, can be easily exposed and treated before re-sealing the area. This can help preserve the structural integrity of the home.

Considering the necessity of a full-frame window replacement is important because the more comprehensive installation incurs increased home window replacement costs. The difference in price between replacement windows and full-frame replacement windows can make it infeasible for relatively newer homes that are unlikely to have infestations, water damage, or severe energy efficiency problems. On the other hand, older homes, particularly historic homes, may benefit significantly from a full-frame window replacement for a full update of the window system. However, the clean, unobstructed view from full-frame replacement windows alone may be worth the added expense to some homeowners.

Whether you ultimately choose replacement windows or a full-frame replacement window system, make sure your new windows are ENERGY STAR replacement windows for the highest quality and most energy efficient product. To get a personalized assessment for replacement windows or full-frame replacement windows in Pittsburgh, contact Legacy Remodeling.