During a kitchen remodeling project, while it’s important to choose classic elements that will still be in style when you decide to eventually sell, some trends are worth incorporating into your remodeled kitchen. Some modern features are becoming a high priority for home buyers, and if you are planning on selling your home at some point, you may want to think about working a few of these ideas into your custom kitchen remodel plans.

Matching Cabinetry Finishes

For a seamless, put together look in your home, make sure that the finish on your cabinets matches the commonly used finishes on your other pieces of furniture throughout the house. You could also pair it to door trim or flooring depending on the layout of the home. A kitchen remodeling project benefits from adapting styles already found in the home. For open floor plans where the kitchen is part of the dining room or family room, similarities here will be an especially nice touch, creating a better flow from space to space.

Contrasting Cabinetry If the color palette of a room is too monochromatic, it may appear smaller and feel flat. To add more dimension to the room and highlight the space to its full advantage, you may want to consider contrasting cabinets. Contrasting colors can achieve a dramatic difference in shading and color saturation. They may be chosen to contrast the walls, the counters, or the flooring. For example, you may choose bright white cabinets to set off the royal blue walls, or black countertops to contrast with the marble countertops. Top and bottom cabinets may even be contrasting. Built-in Work Stations

One feature in kitchens that is becoming more popular is the built-in work station. This is often a little table set into a wall nook or a desk with shelves built into a corner of the kitchen. This gives cooks a place to take care of bills or send off an email while waiting for a pot to simmer. Parents also like it so they can help their kids with homework while they take care of dishes or food prep. Utilizing space effectively is always an important characteristic when viewing new homes, and buyers will like seeing this innovative economy of space. It’s also a fairly unique feature that will help set your home apart from others that potential buyers may view.

Hide & Seek Appliances

To help avoid a cluttered kitchen, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even microwaves and blenders are being integrated into the overall design of the room, hidden behind cabinetry panels. Even traditional stoves can be replaced by glass ranges that run flush with the counters. Some homeowners want appliances to be the focal points in the kitchen, showcasing high-end, stainless steel equipment. The next evolution seems to be heading in the opposite direction with hide and seek appliances, stashing these objects away, either inside the walls or beneath the counters. Aside from having a cleaner, more streamlined look, a custom kitchen remodel with integrated appliances lends itself more easily to hosting because the room is so easily convertible.