When it comes to designing or renovating the exterior of our homes, there are so many decisions to make.  Double or triple pane windows?  French or sliding doors?  Perhaps an even more important aspect than these specific details concerns the entire exterior of your home—the siding.  Siding helps create the overall feel of your home—the surface’s texture, home design and color.  Siding can make a home seem rustic or classy.  This is why there are so very many siding options for your home, including everything from wood siding to fiber cement siding.  A more durable option, however, is solid core vinyl siding.  Why?  Well, just check out some of the many benefits of vinyl exterior home siding. The Perks of Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Solid core vinyl siding is a new home siding option named for the foam core backing that conforms to the back of each sheet of siding.  The foam backing is bonded to the siding panel in a solid core siding, differentiating it from hollow siding with foam simply inserted behind it. Choosing it over other siding options affords homeowners numerous benefits.

Aesthetic Benefits of Solid Core Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding has the potential to meet many homeowners’ first concern of an external home overhaul—appearance.  We all want our homes to look fabulous, and vinyl can accomplish this.  Here’s how:
  • The solid foam backing on each sheet reduces the chance of the siding distorting to take on the natural curves of a house’s framework.  Once in place, vinyl siding looks neater than other options.
  • Vinyl siding is available in just about any color you can think of, affording you limitless potential.
  • Decorative trim enhances a home’s beauty.
  • Vinyl siding is strong, so flying objects like stones will not dent and scratch the surface.  The foam backing conforms to and reinforces siding sheets, so you won’t need to repair or replace them like you would with other damaged siding.
  • If the look of wood is desirable, it is possible.  Siding sheets resembling cedar or many other types of wood will lay flat against one another on the home’s exterior.
Protective Benefits of Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Of course safety is of utmost importance in each and every home.  Vinyl siding provides protection in a number of areas, from structural to weather damage.

  • The foam insulation regulates your home’s temperature during any season, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summertime.
  • Foam backing helps to create a moisture barrier, which protects your home’s framework from being damaged.
  • The strength of the vinyl used makes this solid siding more weather resistant than other options, such as wood.
  • Vinyl siding is a less attractive home for insects who would normally burrow into wooden siding, eating away at it, and potentially make their way into your house.
  • Increased insulation within vinyl siding protects your ears (and your sanity) by blocking out external noise.
Home makeovers are incredible undertakings, no doubt about it.  However, some decisions are just easy to make because they’re so beneficial.  Installing solid core vinyl siding is one of those simple things because it provides solutions to both our aesthetic and protective concerns.  Even more than that is the fact that it looks incredibly professional and saves money in energy costs because of enhanced insulation.  What more could you ask for?  Legacy Remodeling is a certified provider of vinyl siding in the Pittsburgh area, so give us a call!