Good windows that are properly installed can be expected to last for years on end. Having new windows installed in your home is an investment that should positively impact the rest of the time you live there. However, getting problems with new windows fixed after installation could burn a hole in your pocket if you select the wrong product or company. To prevent that possibility, make sure that you are protecting your investments with a sound warranty from a reputable business that stands behind its work. Why Have a Warranty

Windows should not need to be replaced very often, so when they do, it is worth investing in good quality. Choosing new windows may take a lot of time and effort, so make sure that you don’t have to go through it again by selecting a product that is covered by a comprehensive warranty. Warranties differ from product to product and from business to business, so be sure to read and understand the warranty offered by the company you are considering as well as the warranty for the product they are offering you.

Warranties can ultimately save you a lot of money if you find a problem with your new windows after the installation. Typically, warranties will cover window defects, seal failures, and installation issues for a fixed period of time after installation. Some warranties even cover accidental glass breakage. If a problem is found, a warranty can save you entirely from the cost of service, transportation, and replacement installation charges. Certain warranties may even be transferred to subsequent owners of a house, which can be a good selling point if you decide to list your home on the market.

Short-term vs. Lifetime Warranties

Some companies will offer shorter-term warranties instead of lifetime warranties. However, it is always better to find a company that offers window products that carry lifetime warranties. In general, lifetime warranties offer more comprehensive coverage for your windows, and the very point of a warranty is to protect yourself from additional expenses that could result from defective products. In some cases, it may take a couple of years to see noticeable problems as a result of defective windows or seal failure. By the time this happens, short-term warranties may have already expired. If you don’t have a lifetime warranty in this type of situation, you may be stuck with facing another replacement window project just a couple years after the last one. You should also be aware of what the service policy is for the business you are selecting to do the project. Some companies will offer a lifetime warranty but will then charge the customer a “trip fee” or a “service charge” or something of that nature. If a company is confident in the windows and doors they offer, then they should be willing to stand behind them without charging the customer anything further.

Legacy Remodeling offers lifetime warranties on all of its products, including replacement windows in Pittsburgh. All warranties go into full effect after completion of the project and payment in full. No prior registration is required. Manufacturers’ warranties are also transferrable to subsequent property owners. Follow the link for the full details and specifics of Legacy’s Century Warranty.