Winter WindowsPeople like to plan most home improvement projects for the warm summer months and the temperate periods that bookend it. One task in particular, replacing your windows, is particularly avoided because some find it daunting to think of removing the barrier between your warm home and the bitter outside cold. However, contrary to popular belief, winter is as good a time as any to have your windows replaced. It may be even better in some cases because you may be able to find deals that are unavailable during peak seasons of the year, as well as get faster service. Noticing a Window Problem

Often homeowners don’t realize that they have an air leak problem until it’s already winter and the weather has sent a chill through the home. Many think that at this point, it is too late to cold-proof your home by replacing the windows with a more insulated option, such as double- or triple-pane replacement windows. However, by the time the cold season passes, a homeowner may have lost hundreds of dollars in excessive heating costs.

Professional Replacement Assistance

While replacing a window in the winter may be a challenge for do-it-yourselfers, wintertime replacements remain a quick and efficient process when handled by professionals. In fact, because winter is the slow season for remodeling businesses, they are often able to accommodate estimates, consultations, and orders faster than they normally would in summer. So while the work itself may be slightly more labor intensive for the technicians, the replacement will not cost you more but may even save you some cash.

Replacement Process in the Winter

Window installation is usually done one window at a time so that the whole house is not open to the weather. By properly preparing prior to removing the window a good installer will be able to install the new window with trim, caulking and perimeter insulation very quickly.  On average, a professional installation team can switch out a replacement window with only 5-10 minutes of open exposure. The best part is that from the moment the new windows slide into place, they will immediately begin work saving energy and lowering your heating bills.

No matter what time of the year it is, it is never too late to install replacement windows. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the insulation of your home and in your heating and cooling costs.