Bathroom RemodelingBefore you start work on a bathroom remodeling project, it’s best to go in with a few key thoughts in mind. These tips will help you organize your remodeling project so that you will be able to effectively plan your time and resources before diving in. Stress-Saving Remodeling Advice
  1. Define your budget: The first step that you should take in any remodeling project is to define your budget. Establish a number that you are comfortable spending as well as a price that you absolutely cannot move beyond. Many homeowners are surprised at the cost of a full bathroom remodel, so it is important to be realistic. As is the case with many things, when remodeling a bathroom, you get what you pay for. While you can give a bathroom a fresh look on a small budget by changing the paint and maybe the light fixtures, a new bathroom with fixtures and tile work can cost well over $10,000.
  2. Determine your priorities: Analyze what features of a new bathroom are most important for you. Do you want more space, a modern style, or are you simply making updates and repairs for reselling your home? Decide which features are most important for the project. If all of the changes together end up being too expensive to accommodate your budget, you may have to choose just a few to focus on for the time being.
  3. Decide if you need a professional: Based on your budget and priorities, decide if you should or can do some of the simpler updates on your own. This can include replacing towel bars and hardware, putting in new lighting, a fresh coat of paint, etc. However, there are some bathroom projects that should be left to professionals. Issues with the plumbing, for example, can cause significant problems if not handled properly. Likewise, the installation of new fixtures or cabinets can include challenges that the average homeowner is not prepared to deal with, so it is best to have an experienced and qualified contractor assisting with certain projects.
  4. Research your contractor thoroughly: Your contractor will take on a lot of responsibility and have a major impact on the outcome of the remodel, so make sure that you are hiring someone reliable. A good starting place for your contractor search would be to check the Better Business Bureau’s list of accredited bathroom contractors. If you already have a contractor in mind, ask if the remodeler is a member of a building or trade association. An estimate that seems too good to be true might just be. If a contractor makes too low of an offer and then cannot afford workers or equipment for the project, you may experience serious delays. Most importantly, take your time to research a contractor before committing to one – many mistakes made during remodeling projects could have been avoided if the contractor had been chosen more wisely.
  5. Think long-term: It’s never a bad idea to account for selling your home one day. Before you choose the rainbow tile for the floors or a shower that looks like a waterfall, it might be best to think a little more conservatively. If you want more creative expression in your home, aim for interesting decorations, replaceable fixtures, or colorful wall paint. In case you decide to sell later, you can more readily alter these changes to appeal to a broader audience. Decisions to change permanent features can change the resale value of your home, so they should be considered carefully.
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