No matter how much we love our homes, over the years we all tend to outgrow the space that at one time suited us perfectly. Whether your family is growing or your lifestyle has changed since you first purchased your home, you may be feeling the need for a larger space. But once you’ve outgrown a home, you must face the question of whether to buy a new home or build an addition to your existing home.

In some cases it does make sense to move to a larger home but often homeowners find it desirable to expand their current home. This allows people to stay in a neighborhood that they may have grown to love and it can also be much wiser financially, particularly when you consider the uncertainty in the current housing climate.

Building an addition to your current home allows you to avoid the hassles, inconveniences, and other frustrations that can accompany moving to a new one. Not only does shopping for a new home mean going through the headache of the mortgage process all over again, but finding a home that meets your specifications and stays within your price range can be tough, particularly if you are happy in your current neighborhood.  Making this process all the more difficult, many homeowners need to sell their current home in order to be able to afford to purchase a new one. By opting to instead build an addition, you can avoid the fear and uncertainty that comes with selling your home, shopping for a new one and then uprooting your family; a prospect that can be particularly traumatic if you are attached to your current home, neighborhood, school district, and community as a whole.

Building an addition gives you the opportunity to create a space that meets your exact specifications. Finding exactly what you are looking for when shopping for a new home can be much more difficult, if not downright frustrating because you can rarely find a house that meets 100% of your specifications. Building an addition allows you to make your vision a reality, something our team of design professionals at Legacy Remodeling will help you with every step of the way. Working with a design/build firm like Legacy Remodeling gives you the benefit of working with professionals who are all a part of the same team. Hiring separate architects and contractors not only costs more, but it can also be difficult to make sure everyone is on the same page in creating your perfect space. With Legacy, you never have to worry about the designer and the contractor communicating, they are part of the same team. We handle every step of the process from concept to material purchasing to the actual construction and finish work. This ensures that your job gets done right and you never get stuck determining who is responsible for what, Legacy is responsible for the entire project and will make sure you are thrilled when we are done.

For more information on home remodeling and home additions in Pittsburgh, contact us today. Financing options are available, making Legacy Remodeling your true one-stop-shop for building a home addition.