While replacement windows can certainly help give your home a fresh new look, one main reason for installing replacement windows is to improve your home's overall energy efficiency. Older windows generally lack the insulating properties that are found in new windows. Furthermore, as these windows age, their frames can deteriorate, allowing your heat or air conditioning to escape through cracks and other flaws, driving up your home energy costs.

Besides the improved aesthetics, investing in replacement windows will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and bring energy costs down. For this reason, choosing replacement windows should not come down to a hunt for the best bargain. It is important to select a quality replacement window product that will last a long time. Equally important is finding a professional installer who will make sure the product performs as designed. Beyond these basics, homeowners should educate themselves on the different types of energy efficient glass available in the market. For example, there are significant differences between a single pane window, a dual pane clear insulated glass unit, and a triple pane unit with low-e glass and an argon or krypton gas fill. Replacement window prices will vary depending on the appearance of the product, what options are selected (such as grids or hardware), and the insulating value of the glass package. A basic dual pane replacement window will save you money up front, but will only give you a minimal improvement in your energy efficiency. On the other hand, buying a window with energy saving features like triple pane glass or low-e glass can significantly lower your energy bills and make your home much more comfortable. For many homeowners, an upfront investment in efficiency now will pay off later as the energy savings can cover the cost of the more efficient but also more expensive product.

One thing is certainly true when it comes to replacement windows and home improvements in general, and that is the old adage: “You get what you pay for. By wisely investing in good quality products for your home now, you will see the return over time in reduced energy costs and greater resale value.